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CN1;Name? Function? Hole?
Olfactory; smell; olfactory of cribiform plate;olfactory tract
CN2;Name? Function? Hole?
Optic Nerve; Vision; Optic Canal; optic tract to occipital lobe
CN3;Name? Function? Hole?
(1) control 4 extrinsic eye muscles; (2) pupil constriction; fr: midbrain through superior orbital fissure
CN4;Name? Function? Hole?
Trochlear; controls oblique muscle; fr: midbrain through superior orbital fissure
CN5;Name? Function? Hole?
trigeminal; (1) sensory to face; (2) Chewing (masseter, temporalis, pterygoid muscle); Functions has 3 divisions = opthlamic V1, maxillary V2 and mandibular V3; V1-Supraobital foramen-superior orbital fissure, V2-Infraorbital foramen-foramen rotundum, V3-Mental Foramen - foramen ovale
CN6;Name? Function? Hole?
Abducens, Abduct or move eye lateral - lateral rectus muscle; fr: pons thru superior orbital fissure
CN7;Name? Function? Hole?
Facial; control facial expression; internal acoustic meatus thru stylomastoid foramen
CN8;Name? Function? Hole?
Vestibulocochlear; Equilibrium & Hearing; Internal acoustic meatus
CN9;Name? Function? Hole?
Glossopharyngeal; Taste & Swallowing; Jugular Foramen
CN10;Name? Function? Hole?
Vagus; parasympathetic; Medulla thru Jugular Foramen
CN11;Name? Function? Hole?
Accesory; Motor to SCM and Trapezius; Jugular foramen
CN12;Name? Function? Hole?
Hypoglossal; control tongue movement; Hypoglossal canal