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I. Olfactory
Sensory: transmits impulses related to smell from nose to olfactory bulb.
II. Optic
Sensory: transimits impulses related to vision from retina
III. Oculomotor
Mixed- Sensory: conveys impulses from eye to brain. Motor: lens and pupil size.
IV. Trochlear
Mixed- Sensory: conveys impulses for muscle sense from eyes to brain. Motor: controls eye movement.
V. Trigeminal
Mixed- Sensory: sensations in head and face. Motor: controls chewing.
VI. Abducens
Mixed- Sensory: muscle sense from eyes to brain. Motor: control eye movement.
VII. Facial
Mixed- Sensory: conveys signals for taste. Motor: control facial expressions.
VIII. Vestibulocochlear
Vestibular: associated w/ equillibrium.

Chochlear: hearing, organ of corti.
IX. Glossopharyngeal
Mixed- Sensory: impulses related to taste. Motor: swallowing and salivary secretion.
X. Vagus
Mixed- Sensory: sensations from larynx, viscera, and ear. Mortor: controls muscles of larynx, pharynx, thoracic and abdominal viscera.
XI. Accessory
Mixed- Sensory: Condition of muscles in neck. Motor: controls sternocleidomastiod and trapezius.
XII. Hypoglosal
Mixed- Sensory: impulses from toungue.
Motor: Controls toungue