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I. Olfactory (thalamus)
sense of smell
II. Optic (thalamus)
visual field, acuity - Snellan chart, peripheral fields.
III. Oculomotor (midbrain)
pupillary constriction when stimulated; moves eyelid up -penlight PERRLA,
IV. Trochlear (midbrain)
eye movement - up and down movement of eyeball
V. Trigeminal (pons)
sensory - face - skin
motor - face - jaw muscles
VI. Abducens (pons)
lateral movement of eyeballs
VII. Facial (pons)
motor- face-facial expression
sensory - taste
VIII. Auditory (pons)
sensory - hearing
IX. Glossopharyngeal (medulla)
pharynx - motor, ability to swallow.
sensory - taste
X. Vagus (medulla)
sensory - sensation of pharynx
motor - movement of vocal cords - open mouth and say "ah"
XI. Spinal Accessory (medulla)
motor - movement of head and shoulders - shrug
XII. Hypoglossal (medulla)
motor - tongue - stick tongue out.