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what are the branchial motor innervations of the facial nerve?
-post digastric
-mm of facial expression
what are the visceral motor innervations of the VIIth nerve?
-lacrimal, sublingual, and submandibular glands
-mucous membranes of nose and hard and soft palates
what are the sensory innervations of VII?
-taste from ant 2/3 of tongue (chorda tympani)
do the upper or lower facial expression mm have bilateral cortical innervation?
-the upper ones are bilateral
-lower are only contralateral
what would a unilateral UMN lesion of VII present with?
-only lower facial expression weakness on contralteral side
what would a unilateral LMN lesion of VII present with?
-weakness of all facial expression mm on ipsilateral side
-bells palsy
what reflexes are mediated by the branchial motor portion of VII?
-blink reflex to light (II)
-corneal stimulation (V)
-stapedius reflex to mute loud noise (VIII)
-suck reflexes to oral stimulation
what other CN might be affected in a lesion of VII in the pons?
what other CN might be affected if a lesion of VII in the acoustic meatus?
at what part of the spiral ganglia are high frequencies produced?
-the base
-then on to DORSAL cochlear nuc
when do the auditory pathways of CN VIII become bilateral?
-above level of cochlear nuclei
-lesions above cochlear nuclei rarely cause hearing loss
weber test?
-tuning fork on vertex of head
-should be heard equally in both ears
-if not it indicates sensorineural problems
rinne test?
-air vs bone conduction of sound
-air should conduct better
where are the vestibular nuclei?
-lateral pons
how do vestibular nuclei project to the cerebellum? and what is the fn of this connection?
-via inferior cerebellar peduncles
-reciprocal connections coordinate balance during movement
how does the lateral vestibular nucleus project to the spinal cord? and what is the fn of this connection?
-vestibulospinal tract
-influences tone of antigravity mm
how do the eyes move when cold water is put into the right ear?
-slowly to the right
-then quickly back to the left
what are the motor innervations of IX?
-otic ganglion/parotid gland
what are the sensory innervations of IX?
-taste and general sensation from post 1/3 of tongue
-carotid body/sinus
what are the branchial motor innervations of X?
-striated mm of pharynx, palatoglossus and larynx
what are the visceral motor components of X?
-smooth mm of the pharynx, larynx and thoracic/abdominal viscera
what are the visceral sensory components of X?
-aortic arch
what are the general sensory components of X?
-skin on back of ear
-external acoustic meatus
-ext tympanic membrane
what lesion would cause vocal cord paralysis and hoarseness?
-recurrent laryngeal lesion
what does XI innervate?
what does an XI lesion present with?
-shoulder droop
-weakness of head turning side opposite of lesion
what is the pathway of XI fibers?
-CBs in lateral spinal cord anterior gray
-fibers exit lateral cord and C1 to C5
-ascend thru foramen magnum
-exit jugular foramen
what does CN XII innervate?
-all intrinsic and extrinsic tongue muscles except palatoglossus (X)
what would a XII lesion present with?
-tongue deviation otward side of LMN lesion
-UMN lesion causes tongue deviation away from side of legion