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I Olfactory
Olfactory Foramen
Sensory- Sense of smell
II Optic
Optic Canal
Sensory- Sense of vision
III Oculomotor
Superior Orbital Fissure
Motor- Movement of eyes/eyelids
focus eyes
IV Trochlear
Superior Orbital Fissure
Motor- Moves eyes down and lateral
V Trigeminal- Opthalamic Division
Superior Orbital Fissure
Sensory- Skin of nose, forehead, scalp, cornea
V Trigeminal- Maxillary Division
Foramen Rotundum
Sensory- Skin of nose, upper lip, gums, teeth, cheek
V Trigeminal- Mandibular
Foramen Ovale
Sensory- Tongue, lower lip, gums, teeth, and cheek
Motor- Muscles of mastication
VI Abducens
Superior Orbital Fissure
Motor- Abduction of eye (medial to lateral)
VII Facial
Stylomastoid Foramen and Internal Acoustic Meatus
Sensory- Anterior 2/3 tongue taste, nasal and palatal sensation
Motor- Muscles of facial expression, lacrimal and salivary glands
VIII Vestibulocochlear
Internal Acoustic Meatus
Sensory- Sense of hearing and equilibrium
IX Glossopharyngeal
Jugular Foramen
Sensory- Posterior 1/3 tongue taste, pharynx, tonsil and carotid arteries sensation
Motor- Muscles of pharynx; swallowing
X Vagus
Jugular Foramen
Sensory- Pharynx, larynx, esophagus and visceral organs (GI Tract)
Motor- Muscles of speech, swallowing, autonomic motorfibers to heart, smooth muscles, and glands
XI Accessory
Jugular Foramen
Motor- Muscles of pharynx, larynx, soft palate, upper back, and neck
XII Hypoglossal
Hypoglossal Canal
Motor- Muscles of tongue