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Foramen Cecum in Frontal b
may transmit emissary v. from nasal mucosa to superior sagittal sinus
Olfactory foramina in Ethmoid bone
olfactory n. bundles CN1
anterior ethmoidal foramina in Ethmoid b
anterior ethmoidal a & n
posterior ethmoidal foramina in Ethmoid b
posterior ehtmoidal a & n
crista galli
w/ frontal crest, provides attatchment for falx cerebri
optic canal
optic n
ophthalmic a
superior orbital fissure
oculomotor n CNIII
trochlear n CN IV
ophthalmic n CN V3
abducent n CN VI
superior ophthalmic v
inferior orbital fissure
maxillary n
infraorbital vessels
zygomatic n
rami of pterygopalatine ganglion
inferior ophthalmic v
foramen rotundum
maxillary n CN V2
foramen ovale
mandibular n CN V3
accessory meningeal a
lesser petrosal n
Foramen spinosum
middle meningeal a & v
mandibular n CN V3 - meningial branch
foramen lacerum
carotid and pterygoid canals open into f. lacerum
internal carotid a
greater petrosal n
ascending pharyngeal a -meningela branch
hiatus of the canal for petrosal n
greater petrosal n
lesser petrosal n
sella turcica
houses the pituitary gland
anterior clinoid processes
attatchment of tentorim cerebelli
internal acoustic meatus in temporal b
facial n CN VII
vestibulocochlear CN VIII
labryrinthine a & v
jugular foramen in temporal b
glossopharyngeal n CN IX
Vagus n CNX
accessory n CN XI
ascending pharyngeal a
occipital a
sigmoid and inferior petrosal sinuses emptying into jugular v
mastoid foramen in temporal b
emissary v from mastoid to sigmoid sinus
occipital a - meningial branch
foramen magnum in occipital
medulla oblongata
accessory n CN XI - entry of spinal roots
superior cervical nerves C1-3
vertebral aa
anterior & posterior spinal a
hypoglossal canal
hypoglossal n CN XII
ascending pharyngeal n
condylar canal of occipital b
ascending pharyngeal a
emissary v from sigmoid sinus to vertebral vv
pharyngeal tubercle of occipital
attatchment of pharyngeal raphe
incisive fossa
greater palatine a
nasopaltine n
greater & lesser platine foramina
greater & lesser palatine a & n
stylomastoid foramen
facial n
pterygoid canal
n of pterygoid canal (formed from deep & greater petrosal nn)