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What is an expert witness?
Someone in court that has a special knowledge which could help the jury make a decision. A judge determines who is an expert wintess. Can only offer oppionions from their special expertise
What is a fact witness?
Someone in court who knows about an event related to a legal proceeding. Can only share what they have direct knowledge of, or is in her/his experience.
Can a therapist be a fact witness?
Can a therapist be an expert witness?
Nope, only a fact witness
What is TPO, as defined by HIPAA?
Treatment, payment and health care operations.
If the BOP determines a licensee can't practice safely (mentally or physically ill, incompetent), what can they do?
Any of the following: revoke the license, suspend their right to practice, place them on probation, whatever else they think proper.
Does privilege exist when a therapist has been hired by the court at the defendent's lawyers request so the lawyer can advise the defendent (insanity)?
Yes, privilege exists.
What can a therapist tell the employer of a pt referred by EAP program?
If the employee kept the apt, whether the employee needs tx, and if the employee took the tx.
Rather than permit the pt to inspect or copy their record, you offer the pt a summary of the record.
How much time do you have?
10 working days from the request
A pt. asks to inspect the record. How much time do you have?
5 working days
A pt. you have been seeing for 4 years asks for a summary of their tx. How long do you have?
30 days. This is an extensive record.
What consent do you need to tx a nonemanicpated minor?
Consent must come from at least one of the minor's parents, or from at least one divorced parent with leal custody, or from the gardian.
What is WIC 5230?
If you are a danger to self, others or gravely disabled due to chronic alcoholism or substance abuse, you can be held for 72 hrs.
How soon do you make a child abuse report?
By phone, as soon as possible
In writing within 36 hours of your knowledge of the incident.