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When should you check the divisional watch, quarter, and station bill?
When a person from the division goes on leave, transfers, or goes TAD
Who maintains the ship's master watch, quarter, and station bill?
The senior watch officer
When in drill and formation, an interval is normally what distance?
One arm's length from shoulder to shoulder
When presenting you division for inspection, you should position yourself so the inspecting party approaches from which direction?
From the right
When you present a division for inspection, where should you fall in, relative to the inspecting officer, as the division is being inspected?
Just behind the inspecting officer, oppostie the rand being inspected
BMC jane B. Doe is holding divisional quarters and the division is at ease. At the conclusion of quarters, what command(s) should be given?
What people report directly to the officer of the deck in port?
Duty master-at-arms
In carrying out the ship's daily routine, who should the in-port officer of the deck report to?
Command duty officer
Who should the officer of the deck in prot reprot to for the general safety and duties of the command?
Commanding Officer
What are the duties of the officer of the deck in port responsible?
Initiating and supervising the unit's evolutions or operations as necessary; Ensuring all required entries are made in the deck log and siging the log at the conclusion of the watch; Displaying required absentee pennants, colors, and general information signals, and supervising the rendering of honors
What are the duties and responsibilities of the division duty officer?
Making eight o'clock reports to the department head; fulfilling the funtion of the division officer during his or her absence; frequently inspecting division spaces and good order and discipline
Who is the chairman of the general mess advisory board?
Food services officer
The mess audit board is responsibile for auditing which mess treasurers?
Wardroom, and chief petty officer's mess
The first use of the term "chief petty officer' was recorded in what year?
The ter "chief petty officer" was first used in reference to what rating?
What official document(s) first listed the rate of chief petty officer as a separate rate?
General Order #409 and U.S. Navy Regulation Circular #1
What is the equivalent civilian attire to the dinner dress uniform?
Black tie
What type of uniform would be appropriate for a ceremonial visit to a British man-of-war moored to Pier Lima Naval Station, Charlestion, South Careloina?
Full Dress
What is the major difference between full dress and service dress uniforms?
Large medals are worn with full dress; ribbons are worn with service dress
When in uniform, when would the wearing of sunglasses be inappropriate?
When in formation
When wearing the combination cap, what is the corret position of the reivt on the chin strap?
To the left side of the combination cap
The chevrons, rocker, servie,stripes, and specialty mark of the rating badge worn on the aviation working gree uniform of a person with 12 years' continuous good conduct are what color?
Suppose an MACM serving at a command in a law enforcement billet receives orders to a command where she will be filling the billet as command master chief. What changes, if any, should be made to the rating badge to refelct the new position as command master chief?
The specialty mark should be replaced by a silver star
A master chief petty officer is serving as command master chief at Naval Station, Charleston, South Carolina. The person's next assignment will be as master chief petty officer of the Navy (MCPON) at Washington, D.C. What changes, if any, should be made to the person's rating badge and collar devices?
The current stars above the eagle should be replaced with three gold stars and a third reised star should be added to the collar device
You are currently serving in the Navy and have just been awarded the Navy Commendation Medal. Ten Years ago you where serving in the Air Force and received the Air Force Commendation Medal. What is the correct precedence for the wearing of the two medals?
The Navy Commendation Medal is worn first, the Air Force Commendation Medal is worn second
If you have any questions about the proper wearing of uniforms, you should refer to which of the follwoing publications?
Navpers 15665G
What materials are recommended for cleaning gold bullion lace?
Cormmercial nontoxic cleaner