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Sauces/base, fruits/veggies, herbs/spices, meats/cheese, misc., things to remember, allergens for bbq chicken pizza, hawaiian, and bbq chicken pizza with applewood smoked bacon
sauces/base: bbq sauce

fruits/veggies:sliced red onion, sliced red onion for bbq chicken hawaiian


meats/cheese:bbq chicken pieces, smoked gouda, mozzarella.

misc. none things to remember none

allergens wheat soy milk
white pizza upsell and where is the garlic in this pizza
absolutely amazing with bacon and garlic is sauteed in the spinach
QS for Pear and gognozola
Really unique fresh pizza with cold greens on top of hot ingredients.
Pear and gorgonzola: I have a nut allergy how can I order this pizza? what do we offer when serving this pizza?
without the hazel nuts. offer fresh ground pepper
The greek: what is the vegetarian option on this. can I get the pizza with no olives, and how would you describe feta cheese
sub avocado for the chicken, no greek salad mix is premade and cannot be deleted, pungent dry firm and salty
Jamaican jerk chicken QS.
A sweet and spicy pizza with bold flavors
Foodie fact-name three spices in the jerk spice mix on the Jamaican jerk chicken
thyme, Jamaican allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg
California club QS
a Club sandwitch on a pizza. excellent combination of sliced avocado, roma tom. and iceberg lettuce tossed in mayo
What are the two differences between the california club and the blt
no avocados or chicken on BLT
tostada pizza grid: sauce/base, fruits/veggies, herbs/spices, meats/cheeses, misc. things to remember
sauce/base: south western black beans

Fruits/veggies:chopped iceberg and romaine, scallions

herbs/spices: none

meats/cheeses:cheddar, monteray jack

misc: topped with ranch, tortilla strips, and side of roasted tom. salsa.

things to remember: offer grilled chicken pieces, cold lettuce hot pizza, beans are vegetarian
BLT QS and menu listed recommendation
A BLT sandwitch on a pizza. Tastes great with honey wheat dough.

honey wheat dough
Thai chicken: Sauce/base, fruits/vegetables, herbs/spices, meats/cheeses, misc. things to remember, allergens
Sauce/Base:thai pizza sauce

Fruits/veggies: bean sprouts, carrots, scallions


Meats/cheeses:thai garlic chicken pieces, mozzarella

misc. chopped roasted peanuts

things to remember: chicken stock and oyster sauce in stock.

Allergens: nuts, shellfish
The works QS and what two meats
excellent way to get a little bit of everything. italian sausage and pepperoni
What ingredients make the chipotle chicken spicy
fire roasted chili strips, roasted corn, black bean salsa, chiopotle sauce.
foodie fact-what is a chipotle
a smoked hot chili pepper
Wild mushroom QS
perfect pizza if you like mushrooms. Mushrooms are sauteed and it goes great with added chicken
Wild mushroom upsell. Is the sauce on this pizza okay for a guest with a nut allergy? If not, why not?
grilled chicken pieces. No the sauce contains walnuts
Five-cheese and fresh tomato. foodie fact what is fresh mozzarella
mild and natural creamy cheese with a high moisture content
What is the hawian option?
offer to sub pepperoni for canadian bacon