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Two types of code description
stand alone
and indented
The description preceding the semicolon is the common part of the description and applies to any indented codes under it.
type of service
consulation office services hospital
Place of service
Office Emergency department Nursing Home
Type of service
Consultations Admissions Office visits
Patient Status
New pt Established Pt Outpt Inpatient
E/M Services are based on what
Time spent Level of knowledge necessary to treat the patient Effort required, Responsibility required
Em Levels divided based on
Key components, Contributing factors every encounter contains varying amont ofKC and CF
Key components
History,Physical examination, Medical decision making
Contributing Factors
Counseling Coordination of car Nature of presenting problem time
Ever Encounter Contains Varying Amont of KC CF
High level
Key Componnts Four Elements of history
Chief complaint history of present illness Review fo systems past famil of social history
Four history Levels
problem focused Expanded problem Focused Detailed Comprehensive
Four examination Levels Objective
Problem Focused
CC Brief Hpi