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Age Discrimination Act of 1975

protects employees as of what age?
Employees protected as of age 40
Age Discrimination Act of 1975

Employers may not discriminate due to age in the areas of what 5 things?
1. Benefits
2. hiring practices
3. job opportunities
4. termination (except employee terminations based on salaries)
5. compensation
Americans w/ Disabilities Act 1990 - Prohibits public & private employers from discriminating against what kind of individuals?
individuals w/ physical or mental disabilities so long as they can perform essential job duties or functions.
Who administrates the Americans w/ Disabilities Act of 1990?
The EEOC - The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
What 4 things must an employer do to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990?
1. Not ask any applicant if she/he is “disabled”
2. Revise employment applicants and job descriptions to incorporate ADA requirements
3. Modify the physical work environment to meet ADA requirements
4. Post an ADA notice for employees
What 3 things does the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 prohibit?
1. price discrimination
2. exclusive dealings
3. tying arrangements
What 3 things does the Federal Trade Comission Act of 1914 forbid?
1. Deceptive or misleading advertising
2. Unfair business practices
3. Unfair competition
What 3 things does the Hart-Scott Rodino Act mandate?
1. Pre- merger notification to the FTC and the DOJ
2. Acquiring entity must have net sales or assets of over $100 million
3. Or acquired hospital has net assets of $10 million
What does the Robinson-Patman Act of 1935 prohibit?
collusion of prices between sellers of the same product, where the effect of the collusion may lessen competition and create a monopoly
What did the Safe Harbor Regulations of 1991 establish
protect certain financial arrangements between parties from criminal prosecution under the federal and state health care programs’ anti-kickback statute
The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1980 prohibits what 3 things?
1. Monopolies
2. Price fixing activities
3. Unfair price discounting
What do the Stark I & II Amendments (1991 and 1993) prohibits what?
It prohibits physician referrals to entities in which they hold a financial interest.
The DOJ and FTC made antitrust "safety zones" for what three activities?
1. Mergers
2. Joint Ventures
3. Other Collaborative Activities
What are 3 examples of things that the "safety zones" address?
1. the sharing of non-fee and fee-related information
2. provider participation in exchanges of price and cost information
3. joint purchasing arrangements among health care providers
The nine policy statements include
1. Hospital Mergers
2. Hospital joint ventures involving high-technology or other expensive medical equipment
3. Hospital joint venture involving specialized clinical or other expensive health care services
4. Physicians’ provision of non-fee-related information to purchasers of health care services
5. Physicians’ provision of fee-related information to purchasers of health care services
6. Provider participation in exchages of price and cost information
7. Joint purchasing arrangements among health care providers
8. Physician network joint ventures
9. Multi-provider networks
Any Willing Provider Laws are state laws requiring managed care organizations to do what?
Grant network enrollment to any willing provider who meets contracting terms outlined in the managed care plan.
What does the Assistant Suicide Funding Restriction Act of 1997 prevent?
the use of federal funds to provide or pay for any health care item or service associated with causing or assisting to cause the death of any individual
Does not pertain to the withholding or withdrawing of what 3 things?
1. medical treatment or care
2. nutrition
3. hydration
Who signed the BBA – Balanced Budget Act of 1997?
President Clinton
What 3 things did the BBA do?
1. Changed M'care and M'caid programs most significantly since mid-1960’s.
2. Expands the services provided by HCFA through the new CHIP
3. permantently extends the coordination period for individuals entitled to m’care 18 months to 30 months
What 5 things did the BBA do to Medicare?
1. Extended the life of the M’care Trust Fund by reducing spending
2. Increased healthcare options available to seniors
3. Improved benefits for staying healthy
4. Fought fraud and abuse
5. Looked for ways to help M’care work in the future