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arteries have branches
veins have...
Tunics (3)
Externa (adventitia): CT (collagen > elastin)
Media: smooth m.
Intima (interna): endothelial lining; surrounded by CT
Histo difference btw arteries and veins (3)
size of lump (larger in vein), veins may have valves (especially in LE where need to pump blood back to heart), and in vein externa > media and in artery media > externa
Venae comitantes = accompanying veins Fxns and Exs
veins (usually paired) accompany a named artery
Fxns: heat exchange, arterial pulsations aid in venous return
Ex: brachial, internal thoracic
Things that can go wrong (3)
1. stenosis
2. aneurysm
3. dissection
True aneurysm
dilation of vessel wall (all layers).
1. saccular: bulges in 1 direction
2. fusiform: extends on all sides of vessel
hole in artery wall, bulge contained by surrounding tissues