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What are the three main points referring to acidity?
-Acidity of wine must match / exceed acidity of food (or wine will appear flabby)
-Highlights other core focal ingredients in food
-Great balance to sugar
What are the two main points referring to body?
-Weight of wine and food should match: full with full, light with light (otherwise, one may overwhelm the other)
-If wine is lighter bodied, must be powerful in flavor / high acid to stand up to the food
-Flavors of food and wine-

a) __________: great with sweet or fruity, can soften tannins
b) __________: best in small doses, cooking techniques (grilling) can offset
c) ______, _______, _______, _______, ________: no solid rules! Mirroring AND / OR contrasting flavors can work...
a) salt
b) oak
c) fruits, vegetebles, herbs, spices, nuts
What are the two main points when referring to Alcohol?
-balances weight and body in food
-accentuated easily with too much spice heat or salt
What are the three important keys to food?
-method of production / preparation : low vs. medium vs. high impact cooking
-sauces, condiments, and side dishes, can be dominant factors in a food / wine match
These points refer to what is called...?
-determine primary / most dominant component of dish and how to work with it
-determine supporting / minor players
-don't forget sauce / condiment
-if a multi-course meal, think about the "arc" of the parings: generally lighter to fuller, drier to sweeter
"Setting up the match"
These points refer to which component of wine?
-protein and fat will soften these
-certain fish + this = metalic flavor
These points refer to which components in food?

-acid and tannin (in red) can balance
-contrast of higher acid wine often effective
Oils, fats and butter