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The___ _____ is the core document around which the course is structured.
course syllabus
It is named ___ ___ __ _____ and it is in the____ ____ area.
"CS 113 Syllabus.doc"Doc Sharing
The ____ includes a ______ of the information in the ___ _____
syllubus summary /Course Home
Review this document _______,paying special attention to the following items:
____and_____ Scale _______ outline Online __________ Guidelines Kaplan University _______
Gradebook grading Course Communications Policies
For all of you who are new to Kaplan, your first assignment is to ___ _____ ____ ____ ____ ____.
get comfortable with your virtual classroom.
Tell us a bit about yourself _____ Under what Unit?
yourself/ 1
The success of this course depends greatly on the effort I ?
put into it
Class dialog is very important in any ?
But especially in an >
Online course
In this course, the discussion areas are the main core for class dialog and ?
success in the course.
The teacher helps the discussion along ?
but we all learn from each other.
The quality of my posts determines the variety and diversity ?
of information that we are exposed to
The teacher invites everyone to contribute more than the required number of postings and feel free to relate my own ?
experiences that are relevant to the issues at hand
Post to threaded ?Early in the week, so we can have good ?
discussions-in-depth discussions.