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The people who establish investment policy and select and oversee the Investment adviser, custodian and transfer agent. Also establish dividends and capital gains.
Board of Directors
A _________ (_______ _______)
is hired by the Board to manage the mutual fund
Manager (Investment Adviser)
The ______________ _______ markets the shares to the public.
Principle Underwriter
(Distributor or Sponsor)
Underwriter Marketing Style:
Three ways of maketing a fund
-Own Sales Force
-Through broker dealers
-Through Plan company
Some funds do not use underwriters. This would be a ___-________ fund.
NO-Load fund
Load tacked onto the fund to cover costs is a.
The entity that is charge of holding the portfolio securities in safekeeping and handles the clerical functions of the fund.
Custodian Bank
The entity in charge of issuance of shares or book entry, cancellation of redeemed shares and disbursement of dividends and capital gains to shareholders is the.
Transfer Agent
A reduction in sales charges for quantity purchases within the fund "family".
When an investor intends to purchase a said amount of securities with a 13 month period they may qualify for breakpoints with this document.
Letter of Intent
If one makes an investment which reaches a breakpoint, one will receive the breakpoint on that investment, not just on the amount that exceeds the breakpoint. Valuation method- amout invested or current value, whichever is greater... not time limit
Right of Accumulation
This calculation gives the...
Ask minus bid divided by ask price(Max sale charge is 8 1/2% of ask price)
Sales charge percentage
NAV divided by 100% minus sales charge percentage.
Ask Price
NAV (bid) times number of shares redeemed (minus a redemption fee, if any)
Redemption Proceeds
Investing a fixed sum over a period of time and having the price fluctiate, will result in lower cost per share but does not assure profits. This is know as.
inducing a purchase just before a distribution is paid is not allowed and is called.
Selling dividends
Inducing a purchase just below a breakpoint is prohibited and is called..
Breakpoint sales violation
Classes of Mutual fund shares
Class A - front end load
Class B - Back end load