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What is a cash crop grown for?
A cash crop is sold for money.
What is an example of a cash crop?
What was needed to plant Virginia's cash crops?
Slave labor
What was the most profitable agricultural crop?
Why did Virginians decided to move their Capital to Williamburg?
Disease, bad water, and swamps.
Large numbers of what were brought to the colony against their will as slaves on plantations?
Virginians developed a unique___________
different from that in England.
What did the colonists that came to Virginia change to survive in their new land?
The way they worshiped, crops they farmed,and buildings they built.
What culture is the word Richmond taken from?
What culture are the words Nottoway River taken from?
Native American
What culture is the word Roanoke taken from?
Native American
Money could not be stored in ___________
in colonial Virginia.
What material did the Virginia Colony export to England?
Why did Africans settled primarily in the Tidewater and Piedmont regions?
This is where labor was needed.
Why did English settled primarily in the Tidewater and Piedmont regions?
This is where they began to explore the new land.
Why did the American Indians settle primarily in the Tidewater, the Piedmont and the Appalachian Regions?
This was near their traditional homelands.
Where did the Scotch, Irish, and Germans settle?
Shenandoah Valley
What could Farmers in Colonial Virginia do to buy goods and services before their crops where harvested?
What is the main reason there were more African American slaves in eastern Virginia than in western Virginia?
The Tidewater and Piedmont Regions were better for plantation farming.
Goods and services could be paid with what?
Pounds of Tobacco
What was Slave labor needed for?
Harvest the large plantations of Tobacco
Money put away to be spent at a later time is called?
Where did the Scotch-Irish and German pioneers settle?
the Shenandoah Valley
In 1698, why did Virginians decide to move their capital to Richmond?
Move the capital to the center of the state. It was a better location for trade. Population was moving west. Farther from attack from English.
What does money include?
currency, coins, or paper bills.
How did colonists buy goods and services in colonial Virginia?
They bartered
When did the first African American arrive in Virginia?
William Byrd was a Virginia gentleman who lived from 1674 to 1744 and owned a vast plantation on the James River. What do you think he was most likely to have grown there?
As a wealthy planter, you could be certain that William Bryd could what?
vote in the election for members of the House of Burgesses.
Even though the colonist were from England, they had to live differently in Virginia because
The land and climate was much different in Virginia.
How did the Virginia colony make money?
Agriculture (farming)