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The economy in the northern part of the United States was industrialized. How did this help begin the Civil War?
The northern states did not need slavery, but the south did.
The southern economy was based on agriculture and needed _______ labor.
Northern states wanted the new states created out of the western territory to
make slavery illegal
Southern states wanted the new states to be ______.
slave states
The Emancipation Proclamation states that
slaves under Confederate control would be free.
Who led a revolt against plantation owners in Virginia?
Nat Turner
_______ wanted to end slavery.
Who established a secret route that escaped slaves took?
Harriet Tubman
What happened at the United States Armory in Harpers Ferry?
John Brown led a raid to start a slave rebellion.
Many southern states, including Virginia, seceded to form the ”Confederate States of America” after
Abraham Lincoln became President.
Once Virginia seceded from the United States, the capital of the Confederacy was moved to
The disagreement between the two regions of Virginia led to the formation of
West Virginia
What was the first major battle of the Civil War?
Bull Run
Which Confederate General earned his nickname in the first Battle of Bull Run?
General Robert E. Lee, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, defeated Union troops at _____.
Lee was offered command of the ________ forces at the beginning of the war, but resigned rather than fight against his own state of Virginia.
The secret route slaves took to the north became known as the _______.
Underground Railroad
General Ulysses S. Grant captured ______________ and had it burned near the end of the war.
To stop southern ports from bringing in supplies Lincoln used
the Union Navy as a blockade.
Who won the battle between the iron-clad ships near Norfolk and Hampton?
there was no winner.
The Civil War ended at
Appomattox Court House
Confederate General ______ surrendered his army to Union General______.
Lee; Grant
The surrender of the Civil War was on April, ____________.
Virginia played a significant role in the Civil War and became a major battleground between
Union and Confederate troops