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Approximately how many months should a member periodically review their NPC record?
At 6 months prior to any board convening date to allow time to correct discrepancies.
How many years after the ending date of an eval or fitrep can statements to the record be submitted?
Within 2 years after the ending date or provide an acceptable justification for the delay.
How many days does a member have to submit a statement with an eval or fitrep?
The member shall provide the statement to the reporting senior within 10 days after seeing the report. The Senior Rater may allow a short extension.
TRUE/FALSE: If a member signs an eval or fitreps and marks the "I do not intend to submit a statement", can the member still submit a statement?
TRUE: A member can still submit a statement within 2 years after the report ending date.
If you have a missing report, where do you send it to?
Copies of the original report are to be sent to COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS 311).
TRUE/FALSE: A member is required to write their own performance eval/fitrep?
FALSE: The member's input helps to aid the rater or reporting senior to prepare the report in a timely and complete manner.
When are counselings to be performed?
Counselings are to be performed at the midpoint of each evaluation cycle and when fitreps and evals are signed.
At a minimum, what blocks are to be filled out for a counseling?
Block 1, and blocks 29-32.
When are E-5 mid-term counselings conducted?
The month of September.
When are E-6 mid-term counselings conducted?
The month of May.
What is the objective of counseling?
To motivate performance improvement.
TRUE/FALSE: Feedback increases a member's performance and allows the member to be involved in decision making, and assists in planning the actions required to implement decisions?
What form is used for mi-term counselings?
The standard fitrep/eval form is used as a counseling worksheet.