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Sudden onset. Oppressed breathing on least motion.
Hoarse, Dry, croupy cough.
< at night and after midnight.
Dry hot skin; high fever. Burning thirst

Terror, anxiety, fear, restless.
Pneumonia worse lying on left-side.
Croup. Tickling, short, dry cough; < night. Hoarse. Barking cough. Larynx very painful.

Complementary: Calc carb.

Acute suppurative tonsillitis, worse right side.

Photophobia; dilated pupils; bright red, glossy skin; no thirst, anxiety or fear;
Hoarseness or tickling cough from being over-heated.

Spasmodic cough with rattling of mucus.
Halogen remedies have a strong relationship to glands, esp. the lymphatics.
Generally aggravated by heat.
Complaints come in the summer.
General amelioration by the sea.
Cough so severe as to produce epistaxis. Violent paroxysm of coughing, sometimes so serve to patient cannot catch his breath or becomes cyanotic.
Drosera: Common sundew
< lying down
< midnight, after midnight, 2am
Cough < any part of the body gets cold or uncovered. Choking cough. Weakness and much rattling in chest. Chilly, oversensitive;
Pharyngitis with STITCHING OR SPLINTER-LIKE PAINS in throat.
Hepar Sulphur
< cold dry air, winter, drafts
< least, uncovering;
> damp weather
Raw, tickling sensation which provokes a dry cough; pain in larynx; Croupy cough, downward from head to throat and bronchi;
Hard, swollen glands; always too hot;

Profuse, yellow expectoration, very glutinous and sticky, comes out in long stringy and very tenacious mass. Chilly.
Croup. Sinusitis.

Complementary: Ars.
< undressing (cough);
Hoarseness, < evenings, larynx very painful; cannot talk due to pain in larynx; tightness across chest; great weight on chest; whole body trembles with cough.
< lying on left, painful side
< emotions
<lying on back
< cold, hands, open air
> eating; sleep
> being rubbed
> in dark; lying on right side
Spasmodic croup; suffocative cough, coming on about midnight; sniffles in infants; child awakes suddenly, nearly suffocating, sits up turns blue; cannot expire.
Croup. Pertussis. Bronchitis.
Sambucus: Elder
Asthma AND heavy perspiration.
Asthma < night and after midnight.
Respiration difficult at night and the patient jumps up with a feeling of suffocation.
Cough, usually dry, usually worse before midnight, often of a harsh or barking or croupy character.
Spongia tosta
Bath Sponge
< dry, cold wind
> eating a little
> head lying low
> descending
Dry cough resembling, "a saw going through wood," or a "seal's bark."

Croup, worse before midnight.
Asthma AND thyroid conditions.

Respiratory conditions AND testicular pains.
Constriction, tickling and dryness in throat. Sensation of a plug in larynx. Cough abates after eating or drinking
Suffocation; Hollow cough.
Marked pain, dark red discoloration and inflammation of tonsils, pharynx, or root of the tongue, worse on the right side.

Throat pain better cold drinks and worse warm drinks.
Generally worse from cold and cold damp.
Tickling in throat pit causes cough; copious mucous discharge; dry, teasing cough preventing sleep; cough < pressure, talking; inspiration of cool air, at night.
Continuous cough.
Rumex-yellow dock

< cold or open air.
< uncovering
< morning on waking or at 11pm.
< change of temp. (warm to cold or cold to warm)
Better by sucking on candy
Cough. Constant, short, dry, with feeling of suffocation (or a dry ringing cough) after exposure of cold, dry wind
Cough. Persistent, rattling, great accumulation of phelgm, difficulty getting phelgm up; sudden sensation of suffocation - must sit up
Antimonium tart
Cough. Wheezing respiration, frothy phelgm, can't breath freely, WORSE midnight-2am, restless, anxious, weak, exhausted
Arsenicum album
Cough. Dry, tickling cough in violent paroxysms; great dryness in larynx; cough seems to burst in head, fits
Cough. Hard, dry, spasmodic, shakes whole body often with stitches or soreness in chest, bursting headache WORSE cold, dry weather, after eating, wants to sigh, ANY MOVEMENT, peevish. Holds chest when coughing.
Cough. Hard, racks whole chest which seems full of mucus; rawness in throat and hoarseness, may get relief of drink cold water. Can have incontinence with cough.
Cough. Violent tickle in larynx brings on fit coughing accompanied by retching, gagging, causes pain below ribs WORSE night BETTER open air.
Cough. Suffocative coughing spells, croup WORSE cold, dry weather, breathing cold air, uncovering a body part BETTER warm, moist weather
Hepar sulph
Cough. Spasmodic, suffocative with rattling respiration early in illness wheezing, wt on chest. Intense nausea with clean tongue.
Cough. Persistent. Very tough mucus - lumpy or stringy, constant hawking.
Kali bic
Cough. Dry teasing or spasmodic cough with gagging and retching feverish. Can't move/uncover without feeling very chilly, bursting HA WORSE cold, dry wind.
Nux Vomica
Cough. Dry, hard tickling cough racks body, exhausting; tickle in larynx or lower; causes bursting HA; chest tight WORSE any change temp., lying down night, laughing, talking.
Cough. Dry, teasing persistent cough, possibly with spells of gagging WORSE warm room, lying down. Desire air and open windows.
Cough. Dry, teasing cough with tickle deep in air tubes WORSE night, uncovering, taste of blood in mouth, restless, must move.
Rhus Tox
Cough. Spasmodic cough, dry or tough tenacious stringy mucus violent tickly - paroxysm WORSE lying down, night, sensitive open air. INSPIRED AIR FEELS COLD.
Inflammation of larynx in singers. Voice harsh, badly pitched. Thick coated white tongue.
< cold, bathing
< overheating
< heat, summer
Antimonium crud
Cough entering a warm room.
Hoarseness especially in professional singers, speakers.
Especially, high notes cause cough.
Argentum nitricum:
Splinter-like pain in the throat. (Like nitric acid)
< anxiety
> cool air
Hoarseness or tickling cough from being over-heated.
Large, stoney hard glands-submaxillary, cervical, goitre.
Has never recovered since previous illness; weakness, icy coldness; dusky face;
Carbo veg
< warmth, depletions.
> from being fanned
Constant desire to clear the throat.
Hoarseness chronic after acute laryngitis;
> cold drinks
Hoarseness, usually w/o pain though at times may be quite painful. Voice lost entirely.
Craves cold drinks; chilly; thirsty.
Sore throat. Burning, smartness, drying, tingling in throat - very red. Sudden onset from exposure to cold wind fever and thirst for cold water. Hurts to swallow.
Sore throat. Burning, stinging pains in throat - swollen and soggy, desire cool. WORSE heat, absence of thirst
Sore throat. Develops slowly, recurrent tonsillitis, tendensy to quinsy tonsil and neck lymph nodes enlarge
Baryta carb
Sore throat. Bright red throat, dry and burns like fire. Bright red tongue, spasm on swallow.
Sore throat. Burning pain in throat - soreness and raw, feels constricted, must keep swallowing hoarseness, relieved by coughing up mucus
Sore throat. Develops several days after exposure in warm, moist, relaxing weather difficulty swallow, cold shivers, lassitude, heaviness. No thirst
Sore throat. Comes with a well-established cold fishbone sensation. Swallowing pain from throat to ears. Throat sensitive. Catarrah, very irritable, sensitive to cold draft.
Hepar sulph
Sore throat. Soreness starts on left and later extends to right ; throat blue/red; feels like it is closing up. Constant desire to swallow. Rawness and burning. Can swallow solids better than liquids. No pressure on throat.
Sore throat. Very severe, rapid onset, prostration, ulceration of membranes, thick tongue, salivation, putrid odor, hot sweats
Merc cyanatus
Sore throat. Raw, sore, smarting, happens with every cold, foul mouth, thirst despite moist mouth and much salivation thick, yellow coating.
Merc solbilis
Sore throat. Sore, congested and dark red; throat feels full as if would choke; every attempt sends shooting through ears, can't swallow even water. Sensation of ball of red-hot iron stuck in throat. Neck muscles stiff.
Edema. Uvula hangs down like a bag; throat is fiery red and puffy.
Throat and tongue are bright red; Constricted, cannot drink water. Redness is < right side; spasms.
<checked sweat; light
Pharyngitis with pain alternating sides. Throat pain extending ears, better cold drinks.
Lac caninum
< touch
Sore throat begins on right side; deposits spread from right to left;
< cold drinks;
> hot drinks;
Red, swollen, painful, intense inflammation; painful to swallow; pain mostly postnasal with sharp pain to ears; burning pain with much swelling; > slight external pressure; swollen glands; salivation.
Mercurius cor
> after urinating; stool
Sore throat. Tongue has a thick yellow base; Constant inclination to swallow.
Mercurius Iod Flav.
> cold drinks
Sore throat. Worse left tonsil; dark red fauces;
Mercurius Iod Rub
> cold drinks
Sore throat. Foul breath after pus has formed. Great thirst with moist tongue.
< night
< lying on right side
< perspiring; heat
Pain at root of tongue which travels to ear; throat dark red-blue; < drinking hot water; throat feels rough, narrow, hot; swollen tonsils; red tip of tongue (Rhus-t)