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What is the Mean?
The Mean of the set of data is the average. To find the mean you add up all the numbers and divide by no of observations.
What is the Range ?
The Range is the difference between the smallest and largest number in he group.
What is the Mode ?
The Mode is the number that appears the most often.
What is the Median ?
The Median is the number which is in the exact middle of data set.(1,2,3,4,5)=3 is median. (1,2,3,4)=2.5 is median.
what is upper quartile?
The upper quartile is the median of the second half of sample.
what is the lower quartile?
The lower quartile is the median of the first half of sample.
What is G.I.F.A?
G.I.F.A stands for gross internal floor area (m2)
Why cst control ?
1/. Budgeting-forecasting clients cashflow
2/. otherwise generally more expensive
3/.Resource constraints: -expensive labour-material shortage-time pressures
4/. Cost of borrowing-relates to inflation
5/.Accountability-Shareholders-public sustainability issues-government legislation
6/. Complexity of projects-more trades/contractors needed.
What factors affect cost ?
Plan shape, Height/no. of storeys,perimetre wall,floor ratio, circulation space
what does plan shape entail?
Complexity, external works cost, roof costs, size.
what does height/no. of storeys entail?
Construction costs, costs of stair installation, cost of lift installation, increasein foundation/structure costs
Storey height
if higher from one floor to the next , more verticle elements required.
perimiter wall/floor ratio
a number measuring economy of outside wall(envelope)

wall area(icluding windows)
floor area

may be of limited value in that height and size effect its usefulness
circulation space
is a percentage of total floor area
cost modelling
symbollic representation of the significant cost items in the form that will allow analysis and prediction of future costs.