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How many points is the practical exam worth?
300 points
How many points must an applicant have in order to have passed the practical exam?
At least 225
Regulation 978 is regarding:
Minimum Equipment and Supplies
Regulation 979 is regarding:
Disinfecting Non-Electrical Instruments and Equipment
Article 980 is regarding:
Disinfecting Electrical Instruments
Article 980.1 is regarding:
Cleaning and Disinfecting Whirlpool Footspas
Article 981 is regarding:
Instruments and Supplies
Article 982 is regarding:
Sterilizing Electrolysis Instruments
Article 983 is regarding:
Personal Cleanliness
Article 984 is regarding:
Disease and Infestation
Article 985 is regarding:
Neck Strips
Article 986 is regarding:
Neck Dusters and Brushes
Article 987 is regarding:
Article 988 is regarding:
Liquids, Creams, Powders and Cosmetics
Article 989 is regarding:
Prohibited Hazardous Substances/Use of Products
Article 990 is regarding:
Headrests and Treatment Tables
Article 991 is regarding:
Invasive Procedures
Article 992 is regarding:
Skin Peeling
Article 993 is regarding:
Prohibited Instruments
Article 994 is regarding:
Cleanliness and Repair
Article 995 is regarding:
Building Standards
The minimum equipment and supplies that an establishment must have includes:
(1) At least one covered waste receptacle for the disposal of hair.

(2) Closed receptacles to hold all soiled towels, gowns and sheets in public areas.

(3) Closed, clean cabinets to hold all clean towels.

(4) Containers for disinfectant solution for instruments and equipment to be disinfected.

(5) Each container shall contain sufficient disinfectant solution to allow for the total immersion of tools and instruments.

(6) If electrolysis is performed, a steam or dry heat sterilizer that meets the requirements of Section 982.

True or false?
Before use upon a patron, all non-electrical instruments shall be disinfected in the following manner:
(1) Clean with soap or detergent and water.

(2) Then totally immerse in an uncovered OSHA-registered disinfectant with demonstrated bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity, used according to manufacturer's instructions.

True or False?
The disinfectant solutions must be changed:
At least once a week or whenever visibly cloudy or dirty.
All disinfected electrical equipment, excluding curling irons and hot combs, must be stored in :
A clean, covered place.
Every other week, a whirlpool spa must be cleaned and disinfected with a solution of 1 gallon of water and a teaspoon of ___% bleach?
A record of the date and time of the biweekly disinfection of the whirlpool spas is optional.
True or False?
No person working or training in an establishment or school shall be permitted to carry any instrument or supplies in or on a garment or uniform.
True or False?
Every cosmetologist performing services must wash their hands with soap and water immediately before or after serving each customer?
Streptococcal pharyngitis is commonly known as:
Strep throat.
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had strep throat?
24 hours after initializing treatment, or 24 hours after the resolution of the fever.
Purulent conjunctivitis is also known as:
Pink eye.
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had purulent conjunctivitis?
Until examined by a physician and approved for return to work.
Pertussis is also known as:
Whooping cough
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had pertussis?
Until five days of antibiotic therapy has been completed.
Varicella is also known as:
Chicken pox.
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had varicella?
Until the sixth day after onset of rash or sooner if all lesions have dried and crusted.
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had the mumps?
Until nine days after onset of parotid gland swelling.
Pediculosis is also known as:
Head lice.
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had pediculosis?
Until the morning after first treatment
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had tuberculosis?
Until a physician or local health department authority states that the individual is noninfectious.
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had impetigo?
Until 24 hours after treatment has begun
How long must a cosmetologist wait in order to return to work after they have had scabies?
Until after treatment has been completed
Impetigo is also known as:
A bacterial skin infection.
Scabies are also known as:
What temperature must soiled towels be washed at?
140 degrees Farenheit.
How long must towels be washed for?
At least 15 minutes.
Shampoo trays and bowls must be cleansed with soap and water or other detergent after each shampoo, kept in good repair and in a sanitary condition at all times.

True or False?
The headrest of chairs may be optionally covered with a clean towel or paper sheet for each patron.

True or False?
All operators' licenses shall be conspicuously or inconspicuously posted at their primary work stations?
Proper ventilation requires that fumes and vapors be vented to:
Carcinogens are substances that can cause:
A. Skin irritation
B. Flash fires
C. Cancer
D. Spoilage
C. Cancer
Lightheadedness, runny nose, tingling toes might be symptoms of chemical:
A. Burn
B. Digestion
C. Exposure
D. Inhalation
C. Exposure
All these chemicals are known as possible carcinogens with long term use, EXCEPT:
A. Formaldehyde
B. Aniline Derivatives
C. Sodium Hydroxide
D. Emptying waste containers
C. Sodium Hydroxide
A health effect that appears immediately or soon after your exposure to a chemical is:
A. A chronic effect
B. An acute effect
C. Temporary effect
D. Continuos effect
B. An acute effect
A general term to describe many forms of dermatitis is:
A. Skin rash
B. Contact dermatitis
C. Eczema
D. Psoriasis
A. Skin rash
Chemicals that cause allergies are called:
A. Carcinogens
B. Irritants
C. Allergens
C. Allergens
Certain chemicals found in cosmetics may cause dermatitis:
A. Simplex
B. Venenata
C. Seborrhea
D. Herpes
B. Venenata
Because bacteria are so small, you would need ___ of them to cover the head of a pin.
A. 200,000
B. 1,500
C. 5 million
D. 6,000
B. 1,500
Bacteria are classified into two of the following types:
A. Saprophites and parasites
B. Decomposing and fertilizing
C. Pathogenic and nonpathogenic
D. Active and inactive
C. Pathogenic and nonpathogenic