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Designing the right hair style for your client begins with what?
Analyzing the Whole Person
An important factor in being a good hair designer is what?
A strong Visual Sense
Once you have a strong foundation in both technique and styling skills you can what?
Take Calculated Risks
The element of form describes what?
The Overall outline of a Hairstyle
The term space in Hair Design refers to what?
The use of curved lines in a hair design can be used to what?
Soften a Design
The use of repeating lines, whether straight or curved does what?
Creates more interest in the design
Through the use of color in hair design, you can create what?
The Illusion of More or Less Volume
When choosing a new hair color, one of the considerations is what?
The Client's Skin Tone
The terms stright, curly, and wavy describe what?
Wave Pattern
Wave Patterns can be altered by the use of what?
One of the pronciples of hair design, proportion, reders to what?
Relationship between hair, face, and body type
Using asymmetrical hair design is effective in what?
Balancing Facial Features
Ornamentation is an exciting method of creating what?
A harmonious style creates a look that is what?
When you analyze your client's features, you can style your design to what?
Play up Strengths and Minimize Weaknesses
Fine, medium, and coarse are qualities that refer to what?
Hair Texture
Fine, straight hair creates a silhouette that is what?
Small and Narrow
The most versatile hair type for styling is what?
Wavy, Medium
If not properly shaped, a very wide silhouette could appear with hair is what?
Wavy and Coarse
Straight coarse hair has some volume but is what?
Hard to Curl
In hair that is too long, separation can occur and reveal too much scalp if the hair is what?
Curly and Fine
The widest silhouette is found in what?
Extremely Curly Coarse Hair
Facial is determined by the what?
Position and Prominence
The generally recognized ideal facial type is considered to be what?
For design purposes, the 3 zones of the face are forehead to eyebrows, end of the nose to bottom of the chin and:
Eyebrows to the end of the Nose
Among facial shapes is this shape?
Inverted Triangle
If you client has a narrow forehead it is recommended that you do what?
Style hair away from the forehead
When styling for a client with a long jaw, the hair should be what?
Full and Falls Below the Jaw
A profile is the outline of a face or figure as seen in a what?
Side View
What are the 3 basic profile types?
Straight, Convex, and Concave
If your client has a convex profile, the hair around the chin area should be what?
Moved Forward
When styling for a client with a large forehead:
Use Bangs with No Volume
If a client has a large chin, be sure the hair is what?
Above or Below the Chin Line
When a client wears glasses, it will affect how you design the hair where?
Around the Ears
What are the 3 basic parts for bangs?
triangular, Curved, and Diagonal
The use of a side part helps to do what?
Develop Height on Top
When consulting with a male client, recommend styles that are what?
Flattering and Appropriate
You can Camouflage a receding chin in a male client with what?
A Full Beard and Mustache
A balding male client may look good with what?
A Closely groomed Beard and Mustache