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Latin word meaning the beard or the hair of the beard
the art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair, and the atudy of cosmetics and their applications
greek word meaning skilled in the use of cosmetics and from which the word "cosmetology" is derived
the first people to use cosmetics
what was the signifigance of hair color in the golden age of greece; name each group.
it told your social status; noblewomen (red),middle-class (blonde), poor (black)
the barber pole was a symbole of what; elaborate (colors mean---)
the barber-surgeon (p.8 for complete description)
marcel grateau developed the tech. of using irons for waving and curling hair
alexandre f. godefroy invited hot blast hair dryer
first hair dressing academy, chicago, brisbois and federmeyer
name at least 5 job possibilities:
salon stylist, color specialist, salon owner, nail tech, cosmetic chemist, session stylist, platform artist, design team member, educator etc.
salon industry grosses approx. $$-- $$ per year
$50 billion
how did ancient women temp. wave their hair?
put hair on crudly made wooden rollers and baked in the sun
what was madamn c.j. walker's real name?
sarah breedlove
what is c.j. walker known for?
pioneer of modern black hair care and the cosmetics industry
charles nessler is know for what:
inventing a perm wave machine