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What type of APL contains equipment known LSSC but does not contain repair parts or repair part allowance?
Bald APL
What is the GDAPL?
General Distrubution APL'S on CD ROM. Contains over 300,000 APL's and 8000 AEL's.
What is the purpose of the Master Repairable Item List (MRIL)?
List navy managed repairable items and provides guidance for turn-in of repairable material.
What code on an APL might indicate that a part should not be replaced individually and that the next higher assembly should be replaced?
Source. Maint, and recoverabiility (SM&R) code.
What 2 digit code is used to supplement an NSN to provide visibility to desingnate items to ensure thier technical integerity is maintained?
Special Material Identification Code (SMIC)
Which operational report are annual updates to Mission Critical Codes (MCC) derived from?
Casuality Reports (CASREP)
What are the 2 primary purposes for COSAL/COSBAL?
ID repair parts and to determine operating space allowance for equipment.
What directive contains specific instructions for using COSAL?
SPCCINST 4441.170 series
What are the 3 parts of a COSAL pub?
I- Indexes
II-APL's and AEL's
III-Allowances & cross reference data
What is contained in COSAL part I Summary?
Summary of effective Allowance parts/equipage Lists. Numerical listing of all APL's and AEL's used to determine how many each part is listed on Stock Number Sequence List (SNSL)
What document contains the bulk of info needed to repair an item covered by COSAL?
What is the proper way to ID the appropriate APL or AEL?
Look up either the nomenclature of the equipment in Section A or use the equipment in section B.
What is an APL?
Allowance part list. Technical document that lists the repair parts authorized to keep onboard.
How are APL's listed in part II?
Numerical sequence by Identification number.
In what format is part II Section B of COSAL for circuit Symbol Data provided?
What is an AEL?
Allowance Equipage list. Technical and supply document prepared for various categories of equipage associated with mechanical, electrical, electronic, and ordance systems.
What chapter of COSAL provides instructionm for using COSAL?