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what does the digestive system do?
the digestive system breaks down food, collects nutrients, and gets rid of it.
what is the main thing the respiritory system does?
it transfors oxygen from the mouth to the lungs into your RBC(Red Blood Cells).
what is the main purpose of veins? (explain in brief sentence)
the purpose of the veins is to get the blood back to the heart.
what kind of breakdown does the mouth do?
A: chemically
B: mechanically
because the teeth break the food down into smaller peices and there is your salivary glands that mush up food.
which intestine in longer?
(small or large)
Small- the reason why it is called the small intestine is because it is skinny but it is very long in length. the large intstine is no where near in length but it is wider.
what is the purpose of the heart?
pump blood throughout the body.
what does white blood cells do?
fights off viruses, colds, and diseases.
what is the vein like object called that only allows red blood cells to pass through in single file?
cappileries are so thin that red bllod cells have to pass through single file.
what is the main purpose for cappileries?
gas exchange.