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Corynebacteria are what kind of bacteria
gam + rods
no spores
what is the pathogenesis of corynebacteria
human - respiratory droplet - human - bacterial growth in throat - local inflammation - pseudomembrane (if edema - maybe death
systemic symptoms caused by corynebacteria are caused by
how does the the diptheria toxin work
toxin binds membrane through B domain - toxin is endocytosed - A domain enters cytoplasm and blocks protien synthesis
how does the A domain of the diptheria toxin block protein synthesis
adenosine diphosphate ribosylation of EF2 (an enzyme involved in peptide bond formaiton on ribosome

p.aerugo also has exotoxin which influences EF2
in diptheria - does the bacteria disseminate
no - but the toxin spreads
chinese letters
corynebacterium diptheriae shows disordered growth while normal diptheroids which inhabit our skin and throat show ordered growth
what is the role of temperate bacteriophage in Diptheria
lysognic bacteriophage has gene for toxin (conversion)
definitive diagnosis of diptheria depends on
demonstration of toxin products in throat swab
what is the treatment for diptheriae
immediate hourse antitoxin or human antitoxin

since disease is caused by toxin the vaccine is a toxoid
if a person has contact with someone with diptheria then that person should be immunized and treated with