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What is generally used as an all-purpose cleaner in naval aviation maintenance?
Dry Cleaning Solvent
What type of corrosion is recognized by the characteristic wormlike trace of corrosion products between the paint film?
Filiform corrosion
Corrosion in the form of a white to gray powder appears on what type of metal?
Aluminum Alloy
What type of corrosion is an attack on the grain boundaries of a metal?
Intergranular corrosion
Threadlike filaments of corrosion known as underfilm, and metals coated with organic substances such as paint films, undergo what type of corrosion?
Filiform corrosion
When accelerated corrosion of metals is caused by dissimilar metals being in contact in a corrosive medium, such as saltwater, it is called _______ or ________ corrosion.
Glavanic or Dissimilar
T/F Most structural metals will corrode to some extent in a natural enviroment.
F ALL metals will corrode.
01-1A-509 PG 2-1
What type of corrosion is an advanced form of intergranular corrosion?
01-1A-509 PG 2-7
On a polished surface what type of corrosion is first seen as a dulling or etching of the surface, and if continued, becomes rough and frosted in appearance?
Uniform Surface corrosion
01-1A-509 PG 2-5
What makes the hazards associated with stress corrosion cracking so dangerous? (3 reasons)
1. parts can completely sever
2. the rate of cracking is very unpredictable
3. it can occur at stress levels below the rated strength of a metal
01-1A-509 PG 2-9
What type of corrosion is noticed as a white to gray powdery deposit which blotches the surface?
Pitting corrosion
01-1A-509 PG 2-5
Which of the following is used as a protective plating for steel?
01-1A-509 PG 2-12
On what type of metal is corrosion identified as red rust?
01-1A-509 PG 2-11
What is the lightest alloy used for aircraft and missile airframes?
Magnesium alloys
01-1A-509 PG 2-10
What type of corrosion is usually recognized by the buildup between joints?
Galvanic corrosion
01-1A-509 PG 2-5
What type of corrosion is typical in close-fitting highly loaded interfaces?
Fretting corrosion
16-1-540 PG 2-7
What is known as a black substance that forms in the coolant of high power radars?
Black Plague
16-1-540 PG 3-12
What 3 things can cause the deterioration of plastic?
UV light
16-1-540 PG 3-14
What does EMI stand for?
Electromagnetic Interference
What is known as a brittle gold-aluminum compound formed when bonding gold to aluminum?
Purple Plague Compound
What type of corrosion Prevention Compound is corrosive to wires?
Type II
What is a well known application of tin?
What is the Publication number for the Avionics Cleaning & Corrosion Prevention/Control Manual?