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Numerical statement about the strength of a relationship between 2 inverval-level variables
Positive Correlation
Variables move in the same direction (increasing or decreasing)
Negative Correlation is also known as...
Inverse correlation
Negative Correlation
When 1 variable increases, and the other decreases
Correlation coefficient ranges from...
-1 to +1
A no correlation coefficient has -- value.
A graphical representation of cases showing simultaneously their values on 2 different variables.
Horizontal axis,
has the independent variable
Vertical axis,
has the dependent variable
The Dependent variable is called the...
Criterion Variable
The Independent variable is the ...
Predictor variable
Perfect Correlation
Data has a 1.00 correlation
When there is a perfect correlation ...
You are have total and complete prediction.
There is No unexplained variation between the variables.
Regression Line is also known as ...
Line of Best Fit
Regression Line
An imaginary line that can be drawn through All of the data points
A regression line is drawn in what kind of correlation?
Perfect Correlation
Partial Correlation
When you statistically control for the extranewous ones by a correlational procedure
Partial correlation produces...
A correlation coefficient that allows you to guage the strength of relationship that other variables may be exerting
When should outliers be excluded from data analysis?
Whenever the outliers are clearly "oddball" cases that seem to be anomalies
If you exclude some oddball cases you should...
report it to the study
Coefficient of Determination
Indicates how much variation within the 2 variables can be explained
Example of coefficient of Determination statement
From the sample of data obtained, we can explain --% of the variation
Is a insignficant correlation reliable?
Not very reliable
What does a signficance level depend on?
It depends on the sample size and whether the data fit a general linear pattern
3 Basic Assumptions/Conditions
1)Data shoudl be measured at the interval level
2) Data should be reasonably linear
3) Variances in x and y should be relatively similar
O-Shaped, U-Shaped, J-shaped, or S-Shaped
Curvilinear is also known as...
Spearman's rho
Differences are the values that Spearman's rank-order correlation coefficient uses ot quantify the agreement between the 2 raters
Correlation Matrix
Need to compute more than 1 correlation coefficient
Regression Equation
A formula expressing a linear relationship
Y = a + bX