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Jo Ann Robinson
Dec 5th 1955, spent night making 35,000 copies, lost job, professor at Montgomery black college
Rosa Parks
secretary of NAACP, didn’t give up seat
Emmett Till
14 yr old killed in Money Mississippi
Ralph Abernathy
minister of the First Baptist church
Fred Shuttlesworth
minister bethel Baptist (poorside) “if it takes getting killed for integration I will do it” tried to integrate his kids and got beaten
CT Vivian
challenged sheriff Clark, called him Nazi, let voters to Selma courthouse to protest voting rights, member of SCLC, led march where Jimmie Lee Jackson was shot
James Bevel
Diane Nash’s husband, minister, veteran of Nashville sit ins, wanted to use children as demonstrators in Birmingham
Diane Nash
Fiske university freshman, greenboro NC Woolworth sitins
Ella Baker
60 helped create SNCC, sent by SCLC, graduated from shawuni
Fannie Lou Hamer
Ruleville Mississippi, bullet right above his head, member of MFDP, president Johnson took her off TV
Daisy Bates
escort mentor NAACP president
Melba Pattillo Beals
Junior central High
Carlotta Walls LaNier
sophomore central high
Ernest Green
senior central high
Bull Connor
commissioner of public safety, put hoses or innocent
Roy Bryant
Killed Emmett Till
Carolyn Bryant
Roy’s wife
JW Milam
helped kill Emmett Till
James Chaney
one of 3 missing in Meridian, Miss. On June 21st
Andrew Goodman
from Queens, one of 3 missing in Meridian, Miss. On June 21st
Michael Schwerner
“ jew boy w/ Beard,” one of 3 missing in Meridian, Miss. On June 21st
Sheriff Jim Clark
sheriff of Pailville, AL, poked people w/ belly stick
Addie Mae Collins
one of 4 girls killed in 16th St Baptist Church on Sept 15th 1963
Cynthia Wesley
one of 4 girls killed in 16th St Baptist Church on Sept 15th 1963
Carole Robertson
one of 4 girls killed in 16th St Baptist Church on Sept 15th 1963
Denise McNair
one of 4 girls killed in 16th St Baptist Church on Sept 15th 1963
Byron de la Beckwith
suspect in the shooting of Medgar Evars
Medgar Evers
leader of CORE in Mississippi, was assassinated, shot
Elizabeth Eckford
smallest of Central High, in famous picture
Orville Faubus
Govenor of Arkansas, said “there will be blood in the streets” on Labor Day
Jim Lawson
started passive resistance in Nashville, did training for sit ins
Jim Forman
trainer from freedom summer
James Hicks
reporter for Amsterdam News.. the only black in the courtroom at the time of Emmett Till’s Trial
L. Alex Wilson
black press, was hit on head with a brick during Central High Integration
Jimmie Lee Jackson
on a night walk, jumped in front of mother, killed, people were fed, up, wanted to bring his body to the capitol steps, and inspired walk from Selma, Montgomery
Virgil Lamar Ware
Also killed on Sept 15th ’63 (same as 4 girls), was shot by 2 whites on a motorbike after attending a rally
Thurgood Marshall
lawyer for Brown v. Board
Joe Smitherman
mayor of Selma, said “Martin Luther Coon… Oops”
David Vann
lawyer friend of A.G. Gaston, the only white person he would talk to
George Wallace
AL governor, ignorant, said “segregation today, segregation tomorrow… segregation forever”
Earl Warren
new supreme court justice
Bob Moses
Director of SNCC Mississippi project, helped to organize freedom riders to travel across south
Martin Luther King, Jr.
spokesperson for civil rights movement
John Lewis
began sitin w/ Diane Nash in ’60, now a congressman in Atl, organized Freedom rides ‘61
Hosea Williams
(w/ Andy Young and James Bevel flipped a coin to choose who would lead march across Edmund Pettus Bridge. Member of SCLC)
Viola Liuzzo
white homemaker from Detroit, drove them back to homes from the march… was followed and killed by KKK
Southen Christian Leadership Conference
Bob Moses, started from SCLC, Ella Baker encouraged students to start their own group
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Fannie Lou Hamer
Committee of Racial Equality 1942 Jim Framer started it in Chicago.. the only non
Montgomery Improvement Association, started with the bus boycott
Nat’l Association for Advancement of Colored People
May 17, 1954
Brown v Board of Education of Topeka
August 1955
Emmett Till died
December 1955
Dec 1. Rosa Parks said no, Dec. 5, Bus boycott
September 1957
Central High Integration
February 1, 1960
Birth of SitIns
May 1961
Freedom Rides
April- May 1963
Birmingham 1st hosing against innocent protestors
June 11, 1963
Kennedy gave a speech and submitted civil rights legislation
June 12, 1963
Assassination of Medgar Evers
August 28, 1963
MLK’s “I have a dream” speech @ March on Washington
September 15, 1963
16th St. Baptist bombing AND killing of Virgil Lamar Ware
November 22, 1963
Kennedy assassinated
March 25, 1965
walk from Selma to Montgomery
April 4, 1968
black students went bowling, got put in jail, students protested & 3 boys killed??
Money Mississippi
Emmett Till was killed here, place of Roy & Carolyn Bryant
Little Rock, Arkansas
Central High integrated
Greensboro, NC
Nash and Bevel, sitins @ woolworths
Nashville, TN
prepared for sit ins
Montgomery, AL
bus boycotts, Rosa Parks
Birmingham, AL
hosing of innocent victims
Philadelphia, Miss.
Schwerner Cheney and Goodman missing
Jackson, Miss.
freedom ride stopped here, Medgar Evers murdered here
Anniston, AL
bus for freedom rides was blown up
Selma, AL
began walk to Montgomery b/c of Jimmie Lee Jackson
Marion, AL
where King and Loretta married, also where Jimmie Lee Jackson was from