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Figuratively, what is Achilles' shield
the poem. it tells his story and his forced decision between nostos and kleos.
What is in the inner circle?
The natural universe: the earth, sun, sea, sky, and the moon with all the constellations.
Circle two?
Achilles' identity struggle: Divided into two cities.
From Circle 2, what is in the city of Nostos?
There were marriages in one and festivals. They were leading brides through the city with song. Young men followed in the circles of the dance. Flutes and lyres. The ppl were assembled in the marketplace where a quarrel had arisen and 2 men were disputing the blood price of a man who had been killed. Then the elders were in session and the men went to them and sought their judgment/arbitration.
From Circle 2, what is in the city of kleos?
Other city has two forces of armed men in war gear (kleos). One side wanted to decide whether to destroy and sack, but the city’s ppl were not giving way. Hate and Confusion were among them with Death.
Circle three?
Agriculture/nostos: A soft field with plowman who drink honey-sweet wine. The earth darkened behind them and looked like earth that had been plowed.
Circle four?
The reaping/conclusion of a process: A precinct of a king with laborers reaping a harvest. Three sheath binders and children picking up the bindings. A king standing in silence happily. A great feast is prepared. Women scattered making ready for the men to eat. The grapes in the vineyard are ready. Young people carrying the kind flute away in their baskets.
Circle five?
The good things of nostos: A herd of oxen being protected by lions. A dancing floor. There were young ppl on it dancing and holding hands. Young men carried golden knives. Around them was a great multitude watching. Then there were two acrobats.
Circle Six?
The Ocean River that surrounds the world