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2. Send Lung qi down - Stop (acute) Cough
3. Relieve exterior Wind, Wind heat or Wind Cold
Qian Hu
2. Moisten Lung – Stop (chronic) cough
3. Clear Heat, dispel phlegm
Chuan Bei Mu
2. Dispel Hot Phlegm, Stop (Acute) cough
3. Clear Heat
Dissipate nodules, lumps, and masses
Zhe Bei Mu
2. Clear Heat, especially upper jiao
3. Loosens qi in chest
4. Dissipates nodules
5. Stop cough – moistens lungs and intestines
Gua Lou
2. Dispel hot phlegm, especially in upper jiao
3. Opens Chest
4. Moistens lung
Gua Lou Pi (trichosanthis peel)
2. Clear heat
3. Moistens the lung and Intestine
4. Dispel phlegm through the Large Intestine - constipation with dry stool.
5. Mastitis and Breast Abscesses
Gua Lou Zi/Ren
1. Cool and transform Hot Phlegm Herbs
2. Tonify Yin
3. Nourish Body Fluid
4. Promote Secretion of Body Fluid
5. Clear Heat, Stop Thirst
6. Clear Heat and Toxins
7. Dispel Pus
8. Reduce Swelling (all over body), especially breast abscesses
Tian Hua Fen (Trichosanthis root)
2. Dispel Hot Phlegm
3. Clear Heat Stomach – Stop vomit
4. Cool Blood – Stop Bleeding – Calm the Fetus
Zhu Ru (Bamboo Shavings)
2. Clear Heat, Send down lung qi and dispel phlegm
3. Soften masses and nodules
4. Promote urination, dispel damp
5. Neutralize stomach acid – acid reflux
Hai Ge Ke (clam Shell)
2. Dispel Phlegm – soften masses and nodules
3. Reduce swelling
4. Dispel Damp - expectorant
5. Thyroid Problems
Kun Bu
Laminaria Hai Dai (Thalii Laminariae) is very similar to Kun Bu. Commonly eaten as food, but has the same functions as Kun Bu.
Use the kelp to make food.
Laminaria Hai Dai
2. Dispel phlegm, especially old Phlegm
3. Softens masses, especially in the neck
4. Expectorant
5. Thyroid Problems
Hai Zao
2. Clear Heat – Soothe Throat
3. Moisten Lung
4. Clear Heat and Toxins
5. Overstrained vocal cords
6. Loss of voice - hoarseness
Pang Da Hai (Sterculia)
2. Dispel Phlegm
3. Soften masses and nodules
4. Cool blood – stop bleeding
5. Stop cough
6. Thyroid Problems
7. Toxic sores – animal and snake bites
Huang Yao Zi
2. Dispel Hot Phlegm, especially wind phlegm
3. Hot Phlegm induced tremors, seizures and strokes, especially in children
Dan Nan Xing