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Mentha Haplocalycis (Bo He)
1. Disperse WH
2. Clears the head and eyes and benefits the throat: Sore throat, red eyes, H/A
3. Allow constrained LVQ to flow freely: emotional, gynecology sx
Arctii Lappae (Niu Bang Zi)
1. Disperse WH and benefits the throat: fever, cough,sore, red swollen throat
2. Clears heat and relieves toxicity
3. Moistens the Intestines: Constipation
CONTRA: Qi Deficiency with diarrhea or open sores and carbuncles
Periostracum Cicada (Chan Tui)
1. Clears the eyes and removes superficial visual obstruction
2. Stops spasm and extinguishes wind: LV Wind, Cam LV
==> Children use: crying at PM
Mori Albae (Sang Ye)
1. Clears the Liver and the eyes
2. Cools the blood and stops bleeding: Epistaxis
Chrysanthem Morifoli (Ju Hua)
1. Clears the Liver and the eyes: Red, Painful dry eyes (LVY & LV Heat)
Viticis (Man Jing Zi)
1. Clears and benefits the head and eyes: tearing, red, painful, or swollen eyes, or spots in front of the eyes
2. Drains Dampness and expels wind: Bi Pain
Praparatum (Dan Dou Chi)
1. Eliminates irritability: irritability, restlessness, insomnia, febrile disorder
2. Add zhi Zi: clears Heart heat
Equisteti Hiemalis (Mu Zei)
* EYE *
1. Disperses WH and eliminates superficial visual obstruction: eyes causing redness, pain, swelling, cloudiness, blurred vision, pterygium, or excessive tearing
2. Clears heat and stops bleeding
Puerariae (Ge Gen)
1. Releases the muscles and clears heat
2. Nourishes the fluids and alleviates thirst: Diabetes
3. Vents measles: add sheng ma
4. Alleviates diarrhea: SP Deficiency diarrhea
Bupleuri (Chai Hu)
1. Resolves Ext. & Internal DS (SY) and reduces fever
2. Raises the Yang Qi in SP/ST Deficiency
CONTRA: Yin deficiency cough or LV Fire ascending to the head, can cause N/V
Cimicifugae (Sheng Ma)
1. Releases Exterior and vent measles
2. Raises the Yang and lifts the sunken