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What is International realtions? January 17
-fancy term for general rules for interacting
-old methods
Who is Thucydides? January 17
first statement about international relations
Peloponnesian War-politics
Who is Immanuel Kant? January 17
European philosopher
What is Ideology? January 21
What people believe and why
-"belief system"
Why have ideology? January 21
1. foundation of who you are(personal guidlines)
2. Maintain power- legitimate government
3. order society
4. Allegiance to a group
5. Hope for the future
What are some examples of ideology? January 21
Bolshevik Revolution-communism
American Revolution-promise of freedom
Nazi Germany-facism,authoritarianism
Civil War
Who is Thomas Hobbes? January 17
first principle to human behavior was self intrest.

January 28
- "Wall Street Journal School of Deterministic Materialism"
- You always do whats in your best intrest
What is Hegel's belief in the progression of human consciousness?
January 28
– from a primitive stage of social organization to an absolute moment of complete and enlightened development
- Humans could progress
When was the first time "History Ended" and why? January 28
- 1806 when Napoleon defeated Prussia at the Battle of Jena

-principles of the French- liberty and equality-
When was the "Second Ending of History" and why?
-1989 when the principles of the French and the American Revolution where seen as the best way to run a country and its government.
What is the reason why Paul Kennedy thinks great powers fall? January 28
- overextension of economic and military powers
Protestants eat well because they work hard, Catholics sleep well because they value leisure time. Who said this? January 28
- Max Weber
What is Authoritarianism?
-countries with very strong leaders
- such as Singapore and China
What is Facism? Jaunary 28
-a strong state that forges a “new people” on the basis of national and ethnic exclusiveness. Usually lead by a dictator.
-such as Iraq and Syria
How much money does Iraq owe Russia? January 30
$8 billion