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Sarah contracts to buy whiteacre. What law applies?
CL - b/c it is real property.
Marsha hires Shevon to babysit Sam & Sarah. What law applies?
CL - babysitting is a contract for services.
Delta agrees to sell four 747s to United for $60 mil. What law applies?
UCC - this is sale of goods.
Ted Koppel agrees to sell his toupee to Vin Dielsel for 10 bucks. What law applies?
UCC - this is sale of goods.
What is Ted Koppel is a merchant or the K price for his toupee is 1000k?
UCC still governs. Doesnt matter is parties are merchants or what the K price is. Merchants only matters for a specific rule of the UCC. UCC governs all Ks for sale of goods.
Citibank agrees to LEND United 60mil to buy the 747s from Delta. What law governs?
CL. Loans and credit arrangements are covered by common law.
Martha Stewart buys "The Guide to Insider Trading" which includes a free class on Insider Trading. Which governs since the guide is a good, and the class is a service?
Must determine which is more important to the transaction - the good or the service. Whichever is more important controls.

Here, the guide (the good) is most important, so UCC governs.
I hire Tyler to paint my house for $3,000 including the paint I purchase from Tyler to provide on the job. Which law governs?
Primarily K for service to paint the house, so CL governs.
Mr. Carly leases a car from Hertz in NY. What law applies?
UCC Article 2A in NY governs leases (whether business or consumer)
Mr. Stern leases a car from Hertz in NJ. What law applies?
CL. Leases governed by UCC Article 2A only in NY. MBE doesnt adopt.
Sarah leases an apartment at the Wellesley. What law applies?
CL. Even though Wellesley in NY and it is a lease, Art. 2 A only applies to leases for the sale of GOODS. CL always governs contracts of Real Property (which includes leases for Real Property)