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How would you best determine if a soil is expansive?
A. Have the soil tested
B. Add water until saturated
C. Check with the landscaping contractor
D. Pulverize it with a hammer while wearing safety glasses
All soils have some degree of expansiveness. A standard test rate's a soil's expansion from "very low" to "very high." The most reliable way to determine a soil's type is have it tested in a lab.
When would you wet brick masonry?
A. Never
B. At any time
C. When temperatures are above 32 degrees Fahrenheit
D. Before building a brick wall in warm weather
Bricks should be wetted before they are laid in warm weather to improve bond between brick and mortar.
Lightweight concrete is best used for:
A. Curb and gutter
B. 2nd floor decking
C. 1st floor slab on grade
D. Footings
Lightweight concrete offers the greatest advantage when used for upper story structures because it reduces the strength requirements for the supporting framework. It may also be used for insulting properties.
"Mortar joint" refers to:
A. Wood joint
B. Asphalt joint
C. Vertical or horizontal joint between masonry walls
D. Pittsburgh joint
A Freon recovery system is required
A. Replacing a burnt out rotor in a hermetic unit
B. Overhauling a rooftop A/C unit
C. Scrapping an old refrigeration unit
D. All of the above
D. Freon is a trade name for a family of CFC refrigerants. CFC's in general are classified by the EPA as hazardous to the atmosphere and their release into the air is strictly prohibited. If a sealed unit must be opened or evacuated after containing refrigerant, the refrigerant must be recovered.
What is the diameter of #3 rebar?
A. 1/4''
B. 3/8''
C. 1/2''
D. 3/4''
To determine if a wall is plumb, use a :
A. Leveling rod and transit
B. Builder's level
C. Level and straight edge
D. Framing square
A wall in "plumb" when it is perfectly vertical. You can use either a plumb bob or level and straight edge.
Stiles and rails are used on which of the following?
A. Furred walls
B. Roofs
C. Windows
D. Slabs
Stiles and rails are parts of windows sashes or panel doors. A stile is a vertical divider, and a rail is horizontal.
Where would be the best place to look for a roof leak?
A. Valley flashings
B. Ridge lines
C. Holes in shingles
D. Gutters
Dividing watts by amps gives you:
A. Ohms
B. Watts
C. Volts
D. Amp rating
The basic power formula is:
P(watts) = E(volts) x I(amps)
Solving for E gives you: E=P/I