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What are the 3 products in a lens care system?
Product to: clean, rinse, disinfect.
The majority of microorganisms is removed during which step?
Cleaning step
Daily cleaning removes _____ proteins, but not ____ proteins.
loose proteins, bound proteins.
What are the 5 qualities of an ideal care system?
Efficacy, non-toxic, compatibility, simplicity, affordability.
What does tonicity describe in a contact lens solution?
Salt concentration.
What is the normal salt concentration in a contact lens solution?
.9% (same as intracelluar fluid)
If a soaking solution is hypertonic, what will this do to the contact lens?
Contact lens becomes smaller and steeper.
If a soaking solution is hypertonic what will this do to the cornea?
Pulls water from the cornea.
If a soaking solution is hypotonic, what will this do the the contact lens?
Contact lens becomes thicker, larger and flatter?
If a soaking solution is hypotonic, what will this do the the cornea?
Causes corneal edema.
What pH must the solution be for it to be comfortable for the eye?
What is added to contact lens solutions to adjust for proper pH?
HCL and NaOH
What are four common buffers?
Borate, Phosphate, Citrate, Tromethamine.
What is borate?
What is phosphate?
What is citrate?
What is tromethamine?
Why is it a bad idea to leave contact lens solution containers open?
CO2 can go in, causing it to form carbonic acid, which lowers the pH of the solution.
What does the viscosity of a solution refer to?
Cleansers tend to have ___ viscosity to enhance contact with the lens surface.
What are four common viscosity agents?
Glycols, Polyvinyl alcohol, methylcellulose, Hydroxymethylcellulose.
What are glycols?
viscosity agent
What is polyvinyl alcohol?
viscosity agent
What is methylcellulose?
viscosity agent
What is hydroxymethylcellulose?
viscosity agent
What resists or prevents growth of an organism in solution?
What eliminates organisms from a contact lens?
Can a preservative be a disinfectant?
Yes, if it is strong enough to be cidal.
Besides using chemicals, what is another form of disinfectant for hydrogels?
What class of hydrogels can you not heat up to disinfect?
Group 4
What can heat do to deposits on lenses?
Cook the deposits on.
What is one of the first soft contact lens preservative that is mercury based?
Why is thimerosal no longer used?
It causes hypersensitivity reactions. Can also cause SLK.
Is thimerosal a small or large molecule? What implication does this have?
Small molecule, so it can be absorbed into the contact lens and then released throughout the day as it is being worn.
What is chlorhexidine?
Preservative and disinfectant.
What organisms does chlorhexidine kill? Not kill?
Kills bacteria, not fungi.
What is a side affect of chlorhexidine?
Allergies and toxic reactions.
What type of contact lenses is chlorhexidine often used in combo with?
Used for RGP's, not used for soft CL at all.
What is chlorhexadine often used in combo with?
Is chlorhexidine a small or large molecule?
What are three types of biguanides?
Polyaminopropyl biguanide, PHMB (Polyhexamethylamine biguanide), Polyhexadine.
Are biguanides small or large molecules? What is the implication of this?
Big molecules so it is not absorbed into the CL or bound onto the CL.
What organisms is hydrogen peroxide a good disinfectant for?
Good for bacteria and fungi. Not good for acanthomoeba cysts.
At what concentration is hydrogen peroxide a good disinfectant?
Can hydrogen peroxide be a preservative?
Yes, if it is at a low concentration.
What is an important component when using a hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant?
It must be neutralized.
Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the ____ ____, possibly improving efficacy.
Lens matrix
What type of people are hydrogen peroxide cleaners good for?
People with allergies or long-term contact lens users.
Why can't you use hydrogen peroxide in a brown bottle as a disinfectant?
It is not purified (may contain heavy metals that can bind to the eye.)

The labeled concentration on the bottle is not exact so it may not provide the proper disinfection.
What company makes polyquad?
What is polyquad?
Preservative or disinfectant, depending on the concentration.
Is polyquad a large or small molecule?
What is another name for aldox?
Myristamidopropyl dimethylamine
What is another name for myristamidopropyl dimethylamine?
What is the only solution on the market that has "stand-alone" approval as a disinfecting solution?
Opti-free, because it contains Aldox.
Aldox is good against what organisms?
Bacteria and fungi.
What ingredient in a disinfecting solution is good at killing both bacteria and fungi?
What does BAK stand for?
Benzoalkonium chloride
BAK is found in what type of solutions?
RGP solutions, artificial tears, pharmaceuticals.
Why is BAK not used with soft CL?
It easily binds and causes toxic reaction.

*Therefore, be careful not to use eye-washes with soft contact lenses.
What type of contact lens is BAK not used with?
Soft contact lenses.
What does EDTA stand for?
Ethylenediamine-tetra-acetic acid

AKA: edatate disodium
How does BAK work?
Like a detergent which disrupts cell membranes.
What type of agent is EDTA?
Chelating agent.
How does EDTA work?
It is a chelating agent that binds onto metal ions needed for bacterial growth.
Why is EDTA used to enhance the activity of other preservatives?
It kills gram negetive bacteria.
What is sorbic acid?
A preservative (static agent).
Why does sorbic acid cause stinging?
Because it is best at low pH. Low pH causes stinging.
What are some side effects of using sorbic acid?
Causes stinging due to low pH.
Can cause soft contact lenses to become yellow.
Since sorbic acid can cause soft contact lenses to become yellow, what type of solutions is it not used much with anymore? What solutions can it be found in?
Not used in salines much. Can be in cleaners.
Most contact lens cleaning agents are _______.
How does a surfactant work?
It is similar to phospholipids. It removes debris by forming a micelle.
Which of the following is not a surfactant?
a) Poloxamine
b) Pluronic
c) Sodium citrate
d) Isopropyl alcohol
c) Sodium citrate
What are 3 surfactants?
Pluronic, Poloxamine, Isopropyl alcohol.
What type of surfactant is found in Miraflow?
Isopropyl alcohol.
What is sodium citrate?
A cleaning and buffering agent.
What does isopropyl alcohol kill?
Active (trophozoite) and inactive (cyst) form of acanthamoeba.
What type of surfactant can kill the inactive and active form of acanthomoeba?
Isopropyl alcohol
Traditionally, what form were protein removers in?
A tablet form. Today drops are available.
_____ is claimed to be able to remove proteins during soak.
Sodium citrate
What is hydranate?
Protein remover.
How does hydranate work?
Chelates calcium, thought to be a link between proteins and lens surface.
What product is hydranate found in?
What type of care systems are available?
Multi-purpose solutions, Two-bottle systems, Three-bottle systems.