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Standardized Achievement Testing
Schools l920's and l930's
published in l927
vocatinal counseling
widely use
Strong Interest Blank
Mental Measurement Yearbook
critiques of instruments
Oscar Buros l939
personality instrument
early l940's
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)
Public schools in l940's and 1950's
standardized achievement testing
Multiple aptitude bateries
after l940's
First set testing-related standards
American Psychological Assocation
Critical examination and evaluation of testing
l960's and l970's
assessment instruments
reated to ethnic bias, fairness, and accuracy
l980's and l990's
Computers, Technology, ant the internet new facets to counseling
Are scored using predetermined methods
no judgement from the individual
Objective Test
professional judment in evaluating responses
Subjetive Test
Number of items
specific time
Speed Test
items vary in difficulty
credit for difficult items
Power Test
Control for the influences of languag and culture
Non-verbal instruments
assess cognition
processing, concrete and abstract thinking
Conitive Instruments
Classifiesy by naming based on characteristics
Norminal scale
Degree of magnitude
rank ordering of the data
Ordinal Scale
Mesurement units
equal intervals
Interval scale
Properties of an inteval scale
meaning zero
Ratio Scale
Pre-established standard or criterion
Measures mastery
Teacher test
Crierion-refernced instrument
Person's score compared to others
Instrument (norm)
Norm-reference instruments
Interpret Scores on Norm-reference test
A simple Chart or list
Frequency of score
number of people receiveing score
Frequency distribution
Scores x axis, frequency on the y axis
Prequency polygon
Bar graph
typical or averge score