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Full Warranty
A written guarantee that provides that if a defective product or part cannot be repaired after reasonable number of attempts the manufacturer must give the consumer a refund or a new product or part.
Lemon Law
State laws designed to protect new car buyers from cars that have many problems.
Key word- 4 days
Limited Warranty
A written guarantee that provides less than a full warranty, such as replacement parts but not the cost of labor.
Maintenance Schedule
A timetable for routine servicing and for checking or replacing parts.
Legal papers that show who owns an automobile
An automobile goes down in value after a period of time.
A device on a car that indicates how many miles the car has been driven.
Features available, such as on a car purchase at extra cost.
Diagnostic Center
A car repair garage that uses electronic and other instruments to locate problems.
Standard Equipment
Features that are included in the original price of an automobile.
Sticker Price
The manufacturer's list price, printed on a sticker and affixed to the window of a car.
Tire Tread
The molded pattern on the part of a car tire that comes in contact with the road.