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Define Consumer Behavior
Process individuals and groups go through to select, purchase, or use goods, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy their needs and desires for individual and household purposes.
What are the five steps to the decision-making process for consumers
1:Problem Recognition-What is the problem.
2:Information Search: Where will I search?
3:Evaluation of Alternatives-What is my criteria?
4:Product Choice-Where do I get it?
5: Post purchase Evaluation-What did I like/Dislike?
What is the difference between Extended Problem Solving (EPS) vs. Habitual Decision Making (HDM)
EPS's have high involvment, high risk, plenty of information, and require lots of effort. Like buying a car. HDM has low involvment, low risk, normally not expensive, and require little effort. Like bread.
What are some examples of common sources of consumer information?
Knowledge, friends, advertising, web sites, stores/salespeople, and personal experiences.
People may make choices based on heuristics. What are heuristics.
rules of thumb. Brand loyalty, country of origin, and liking.
What are some influences on decision making?
Internal Influences: Motivation Perception Learning...
Social influences: Culture, social class
Situational influences: physical environment and time
What is perception
Process of giving meaning to stimuli
What are perceptual screens?
exposure, attention, interpretation, and retention
What is motivation
an internal state that drives us to satisfy needs
What is included in Maslows Hierarchy of needs
What is learning?
a change in behavior caused by information or experiences.
Cognitive Learning?
the acquisition of knowledge and skills by mental and cognitive processes.
Behavior learning?
the acquisition of knowledge and skills through experiences and real-life events.
A lasting evaluation of a person, object or issue.
What are the three components of attitudes?
affect, cognition, and behavior
What is involved with personality?
self-confidence, sociability, materialism, need for cognition, innovativeness.
What are some common age groups?
young adults
Family Life Cycle
Stages through which family members pass as they grow older. Purchases depend on our current position in the family cycle.
Autonomic family decision making
partners come to independent decisions
Husband dominant decision making
Husband makes majority of decisions.