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A person can't have everything in this world; and it was a little unreasonable of her to expect it.
Chopin,The Kiss,1894.
she had died of heart disease--of the joy that kills.
Chopin, The Story of an Hour,1894.
Sometimes I want to never wake up...leave it to Providence.
Chopin,Elizabeth Stock's One Story, 1894.
Please, please stop it.
Hemingway, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,1936.
They are...the hardest in the world; the hardest, the cruelest, the most predatory and the most attractive and their men have softened or gone to pieces nervously as they have hardened.
Hemingway, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,1936.
she is back, simply enameled in that American female cruelty.
Hemingway, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,1936.
They govern, of course, and to govern one has to be cruel sometimes.
Hemingway, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber,1936.
The babe Tommie died, she and Jimmy lived.
Crane,Maggie, Girl of the Streets, 1893.
The "mere boy" and the "woman of brilliance and audacity."
Crane, Maggie, Girl of the Streets, 1893.
spaniel-like dependence
Crane, Maggie, Girl of the Streets, 1893.
I had to creep over him every time!
Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper, 1899.
If a physician of high standing, and one's own husband, assures friends and relatives that there is really nothing the matter with one...
Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper, 1899.
I wish I knew why people think it's so important to be emotional...person's human unless he thinks a lot of things are very sad or very annoying or very-very unjust, sort of.
Salinger,Teddy, 1953.
You know that apple Adam ate in the Garden of Eden, referred to in the Bible?" "You know what was in that apple? Logic...what you have to do is vomit it up if you want to see things as they really are.
Salinger,Teddy, 1953.
Try to feel it as a woman would..."
Wharton,Souls Belated,1899.
Frontier and history is history of america, frontier=democracy, quote lost.
Turner, the signifance of the frontier, 1893.
there's always a way to rise and fall, quote lost.
Lewis, An ode to upward mobility, 1902
The day was made sweet by human sympathy, quote lost.
Garland, A day's pleasure, 1896.
The railroads will either own the people or the people will own them, quote lost.
Populists, Omaha Platform, 1892.
telegraph wires, lack of houses, savagery, is not progress,quote lost.
Kipling, Chicago,1899
Hog butcherer of the world, quote lost.
Sandburg, Chicago, 1916
Civil service law is the root of all evil in the gov't , quote lost.
Plunkitt, The curse of the civil service reform, 1905.
I'm a greenhorn, quote lost
Bintel Brief, 1906.
Jews had industria skills, not just education and religion going for them, quote lost
Steinberg, The myth of Jewish sucess,1976.
to be a first-class american is fifty-fold better than to be a second class imitation of a frenchman
Roosevelt,Wit and Wisdom,
not the life of ease but the life of strenous endeavor.
Roosevelt,Wit and Wisdom,
Beautiful women, whose beauty meant more than it said ... was their brilliancy always fed by something coarse and concealed? Was that their secret?
Cather, A lost lady, 1923.
When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.
Ford, The Man who Shot Liberty Valence, 1962.
we must have progress, square deal, our men must be progressive.
Roosevelt, Osawatomie Speech,1910.
There must be, not a balance of powe, but a community of power, not organized rivalries, but an organized common piece.
Wilson, peace without victory,1917
the present german submarine warfare against commerce is a warfare against mankind.
Wilson,war message, 1917.
the world must be made safe for democracy.
Wilson,war message, 1917.
make sure he aint a dinge...
Dos Passos, The Body of an American, 1932.
the whole purpose of communism appears to be a mass formation of the criminals of the world to overthrow the decencies of private life...
Palmer, A case against the reds, 1920
every advertising man ought to study the parables of jesus...
Barton, the man nobody knows, 1924. the salvation of the world.
Purinton, Big Ideas from Big Business, 1921.
Ford's discovery that morons ...make good workmen...
Menken, Henry Ford
me and you is as good as anybody else, and maybe a damn sight better...
Menken, The declaration of Independence
he is completely submerged in rhetorical vaseline,so that it is hard to tell which end of him is made in the image of god and which is mere hoof.
Menken, The Husbandman
right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live, self-government.
Roosevelt, The Atlantic Charter,1941.
it's okay to intern japanese.
Korematsu V. United States, 1944.
slavery is the price i paid for is beautiful.
Neale Hurston, How it feels to be colored me, 1979
I love this cultured hell that tests my youth!
Mckay, America
To make a poet black, and bid him sing!
Cullen, Yet do I marvel
it must be the policy of the united states to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.
Truman Doctrine, 1917.
when a great democracy is destroyed it will not be because of enemies from without, but rather because of enemies from within.
McCarthy, Communist Subversives threaten America,1950.
the femine mystique says that the highest value and the only commitment for a women is the fulfillment of their own feminity.
Friedan, The Feminine Mystique, 1963.
swum through life.
Cheever, the Swimmer, 1948.
suicide, bananafish,etc
Salinger, A perfect day for bananafish, 1953.
Guiltlessness. 50's. Procreating greedily.
Upddike, When Everyone was Pregnant,1971.
nigger, you think you're white don't you?
Wright, The Ethics of living Jim Crow, 1937.
Ellison, King of the Bingo Game, 1944
Julian and racist mom
O'Connor, Everything that rises must converge, 1963.
any law that degrades human personaliy is unjust.
King, Letter from a Birmingham Jail, 1963.
white people's freedom in danger
Wallace, Civil Rights Movement: Fraud,Sham, and Hoax, 1964.
we, with love, shall force our brothers to see themselves as they are, to cease fleeing from reality...
Baldwin,My Dungeon Shook, 1963.
black autonomy
Carmichael, Black Power, 1967.
women are convenience to husband, housewife life sucks.
Brady, I want a wife, 1972.
feminism is not over
Pollitt, Women and Children First, 1998.
Ellison, Invisible Man,1947.