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America defined by Frontier
->Frontier as PROCESS
->happens in stages
Frederick Jackson Turner-
The Significance of the Frontier
Story of Marian Forrester's decline and the decline of the west from the idealized age of noble pioneers to the age of capitalist exploitation.
Willa Cather-
A Lost Lady
exposes industrial exploitation
->criticism of "Acres of Diamonds" and "Ragged Dick"
Rebecca Harding Davis-
Life in the Iron Mills
preaches hard work instead of "Luck and Pluck"
Reverend Alexander Lewis-
An Ode to Upward Mobility
one need not look elsewhere for opportunity, achievement, or fortune -- the resources to achieve all good things are present in your own community.
->luck and pluck
Russell H. Conwell-
Acres of Diamonds
list of demands of the populists
The Omaha Platform
dumb rural farmer gets tricked by an "evil" eastern salesman to buy fake medicine
Hamlin Garland
Uncle Ethan Ripley
Story of a girl born into the gutter by tenement district who lets the lifestyle consume her and make her turn into a prostitute.
Maggie: A Girl Of the Streets
Stephen Crane
city as a savag place where people are literally on top of each other
Rudyard Kiping Gives a Visitor's View of Chicago
speaks of all aspects of life in Chicago, the good and the bad. But embraces the ability of chicago to progress despite anything.
Carl Sandburg
insanity as only escape of woman. about upper class women, educated but limited so ultimate tease
Charlotte Perkins Gilman-
The Yellow Wallpaper
girl adopted to a southern white family, gives birth to part-black baby. the family learns that the girl is part black and this destroys the foundations their racism was built upon.
Kate Chopin
Desiree's Baby
unmarried lovers ponder about marriage. the woman wants freedom and doesnt want marriage.
Edith Wharton
Souls Belated
Explains roles of men, women, african americans, indians, in America. along while feminiizing Europe and promoting imperialism
Teddy Roosevelt
The Wit and Wisdom of Teddy Roosevelt
a woman divorces many men. she is "as easy as an old show" one man was "brutalized", the other man was not the marrying type (affairs), and the other one was womanish
Edith Wharton-
The Other Two
looks at war as passionless intellectual.
->"Peace without victory"
Wilson's War Message
progressive response to Wilson's war message
->war favors wealthy/connected
Senator Robert M. LaFollette's Dissent
took many of the principles of progressivism that had produced domestic reform in the U.S. and translated them into foreign policy (free trade, open agreements, democracy and self-determination).
Woodrow Wilson-
The Fourteen Points
white elephant->baby
woman's "choice"
->keep baby->be alone
->abortion->keep relationship
Ernest Hemingway-
Hills Like White Elephants
exposes the truth about war. the US doesnt care about its soldiers. It picks soldiers, any pure white soldier to represent the unknown soldier.
John Dos Passos-
The Body of an American
Bernice learns to act "modern" in order to attract men.
F. Scott Fitzgerald-
Bernice Bobs Her Hair
poem about self conscious man who doesnt have luck with the ladies.
->dante's inferno in the beginning
->weak, feminine
T.S. Elliot-
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
businessman who acts like a a big baby.
->fake manliness
Sinclair Lewis
raids on communists and anarchists because of riots
A. Mitchell Palmer
The Case Against The Reds
criticizes PAlmer's crusade
William Allen White
The Red Scare is Un-American
Italian defending himself on a case based on racism.
The Sacco-Vanzetti Case
Jesus as a salesman
Bruce Barton
The Man Nobody Knows
Italian defending himself ona a case based on racism.
Bartolomeo Vanzetti
Last Speech to the Court
revival-> really an orgy
criticizes America strongly
->dissociates himself from society
H.L. Mencken
The Hills of Zion
new perspective on slavery:sacrifice, others made for her
->inventing power structure
Zora Neale Hurston-
How It Feels To Be Colored Me
looks like a jazz song
Langston Hughes poetry
most poems around 1930, a few around 1949
looks liek a sonnet
Claude McKay poetry
around 1920
lady who poisons her husband and keeps his corpse in their bedroom after he threatens to leave her
William Faulkner
A Rose For Emily
mystery book with plenty of double-crossing and triple-crossing.
Raymond Chandler
The Big Sleep
father burns barns;
son tells next victim.
gunshots are fired
William Faulkner
Barn Burning
story about two bar workers decing whether to close up shop or to keep it open based on an old man sitting on the ground. older waiter relates with him. younger one does not.
F. Scott Fitsgerald-
A Clean Well-Lighted Place
attack on the American Dream of achieving wealth and success without regard for principle,
->old, lowly salesman suffers
Arthur Miller
Death of a Salesman
non-conformist 1950s man kills himself after telling a strange story to a child
J.D. Salinger-
A Perfect Day for Bananafish
surreal/real story which explores suburban america and the relationship between wealth and happiness
John Cheever
The Swimmer
woman sleeps with another man while husband is away in Turin, Italy
->shows suburban lifestyle of organisation men and the feminine mystique
John Cheever
The Trouble of Marcie FLint