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president of the senate is
the vice-president
there are ______ senators
impeachments are tried by
the Senate
Revenue bills are passed by
House of Representatives
First Constitution of our country was called
Articles of Confederation
Federalism limits the power of
national AND state governments
States' representation in Congress based on the Virginia Plan
depend on population
Representatives revised the first Constitution in the city of
In the old Constitution final authority was with the
presdient of the convention that was going to write a new Constitution was
George Washington
Why was the electoral college created
framers didn't trust the people
The Supreme Court's power of judicial review was defined by:
John Marshall
With what is Article 1 is mostly concerned?
the Legislative Branch
Constitution forbids Congress from
taxing exports
Constitution forbids Congress from
-passing ex post facto laws
-suspending habeas corpus except in emergencies
-issuing bills of attainer
age to be a member of congress
30 years
citizenship requirement to be president is--
natural born
foreign treaties made by--
the president
Supreme Court is made up of --
8 justices (judges)
1 chief justice
the president is out of the country a bill may be signed by---
Congress can overrride a presidential veto with--
2/3rds vote by BOTH houses
elastic clause allows Congress to do
anything that's necessary and proper
no double jeopardy
cannot be tried for the same crime twice
death penalty is ...
constitutional option available in some murder cases
How can be admited to the union?
ONLY Congress can admit them
To search a person's house a police officer needs-ANY of the following--
-search warrant
-probable cause
-belief a crime has been committed
"full faith and credit" clause allows-
a person with a driver's license from one state to drive in all the others