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Term describing the division of government into 3 branches
Separation of powers
How are Supreme Court members chosen?
(1) appointed by president
(2) confirmed by the Senate
State's erpresentation in the House of Rep is based on
Size of state's population
What is the total number of Senators and Representatives for the state of Maine
Equal to the number of electors
Power of Legislative branch
Establish lower federal courts
Branch which has the power to check on president AND Supreme Court
Legislative Branch
How does the Judical branch act as a check on the executive branch?
Can declare executive acts unconstitutional.
How does the executive branch influence Congress?
Suggests laws.
Government officals who receive appointments for life.
Federal Judges.
Power to make treaties with foreign governments (with 2/3 Senate approval)
Power of Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional
Principal of checks and balances
2 governmental groups who may propose amendments to athe Constitution (2/3 majority)
(1) Congress
(2) State legislatures
Power to declare war and raise armies?
Who is the president of the Senate?
The vice president
What % of Congress must vote to pass a bill AFTER it's been vetoed?
The congress makeslaws,
The president ENFORCES the laws
Who may call for a special session of Congress?
The president
NOT a power of the legislative branch?
To declare executive acts unconstitutional
Whose acts may the Supreme Court declare unconstitutional?
(1) executive branch
(2) legislative branch
One possible effect of Senate's power to impeach and supreme court's power of judical review?
Prevent prsident from becoming a dictator.
The power shared by the national and state government
regulate marriage
ONLY case in which habeas corpus suspended?
Rebelion or invasion
Power national government lacked (didn't have) under the Articles of Confederation?
To levy taxes
Who is president of the Senate?
The vice president
What % of Congress must vote to pass a bill AFTER it's been vetoed?
The Congress makes the law, the president enforces the laws
True statement
Calls special session of Congress?
NOT a power of the legislative branch?
To declare executive act unconstitutional
3/5 Compromise
Counted slaves for taxes and representation
New government added Bill of Rights to the Constitution
(1) States wouldn't sign without one
(2) To protect people's personal rights and freedome
(3) limit government's power
Who created the Articles of Confederation?
Te Continental Congress
Some powers were given to the National government, other powers kept by the sates, others were concurrent (held by both the states and federal governemt)
Most terms a person may serve as president
2 groups which make up Congress?
(1) House
(2) Senate
Which action is required for the president to stop a new bill?
Has power to declare war
The Congress
NOT a success of the "Articles of Confederation"
Congress could enforce laws
NOT a qualification for the Senate
Born in the U.S.
Not a qualification for U.S. Representative
20 years
Presides over Senate in absence of Vice President
Preident Pro Tempore
Charges against an elected official
Supreme Court's right to declare a law unconstitutional
Judical Review