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Amendment 3
T not quarter troops in your home
Amendment 8
No excessive bail or punishment
Amendment 13
Made slavery illegal & freed slaves
Amendment 4
No unreasonable searches & seizures. Warrant is needed.
Amendment 18
Prohibition. Illegal to sell, manufacture, or transport alcohol.
Amend. 22
Limited terms of office for a President. Only two terms allowed.
A. 14
Gave citizenship rights to African-Americans and all races
A. 15
African-Americans and all other races had right to vote
A. 21
Repeal of prohibition
How many senators does each state get?
Who has the power of impeachment?
House of Rep.
How is it decided how many reps each state will have in House of Reps?
Based on Population
Who elects the President?
Electoral College
What is the main idea to the Preamble of Con.
Gives reason for Constitution. States purpose
Seperation of powers?
division of powers between the three branches of the government
Checks and balances?
each branch of government has the power to check or limit powers of other branches
division of power between federal, state, and local governments
Who heads each branch of government?
Executive- President
Legislative- Congress
Judicial- Supreme Court
Powers of the U.S. Congress
collect taxes, borrow money, regulate commerce, set weight and measurements, punish counterfeiting, establish post offices, copyright laws
Powers Congress does not have
Can't tax exports, can't create titles of nobility, can't take money from treasury, no bill of attainders or ex post facto laws
Powers given to the President
Commander in cheif of armed forces, make foreign treaties, nominate ambassadors, public ministers and consuls, supreme court justices, sign or vet bills, cheif exectutive, cheif of state
A. 5
No one can be subjectes to double jeopardy, do not have to speak against oneself in court, private property will not be taken forr public use without due process of law
Qualifications for Pres.
35 years
natural born citizen, lived in U.S. for 14 years
Qual. for Senators
30 years
be a U.S. citizen for 9 years
live in the state from which elected
Qual. for Representatives
25 years, citizen for 7 years, live in state
Penalties in impeachment trial
never hold another public office, can be punished by law
proposed law
Bill of attainder
punishing somone without a trial
Congressional record
Publication of all business conducted in Congress
Ex post facto law
punishing an act that wasn't illegal when it was committed
bring a federal office to trial for misconduct
the right to hear a court case
the smallest number of members who must be present for Congress to do business
to exempt a convicted person from their punishment
postpones or cancels the punishment of someone
money raised by the government through taxes