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What powers belong to legislative branch?
Law Making
What powers belong to judical branch?
Law interpreting branch
What powers belong to Executive branch?
Law enforcing
What is Federalism?
Division of power among central government and several regional governments
How must a formal amendment be proposed?
2/3/ Congress or proposed at a national convention called by Congress when requested by 2/3 (38) of the States
How must a formal amendment be ratified?
Ratified by state legislature in 3/4 of the states or ratified by conventions held in 3/4 of the states
This amendment protects from unreasonable searches
# IV
This amendment is usually mentioned in a challenge to the death penalty
The poll tax tried to take away rights in what amendment?
When court cases are used to change the Constitution it is what kind of change
What are some types of informal changes?
custom, basic legislation, executive action, court decisions, party practices
Writ of Mandamus
written order telling a public official to do their job
Who gets 3 electors from the 23rd amendment?
Washington, D.C.
limited government
government is not all powerful
25th amendment says who is 3rd in line for the presidency?
Speaker of the House
Supremacy Clause
No one is above the law
Separate ballot for president and vice president-what amendment put this in place?
Which amendment protects against self-incrimination?
19th Amendment
Gave women the right to vote
Established Judicial Review
Marbury v. Madison
John Tyler moving up to become President is an example of
informal amendment
What did the 24th amendment ban?
poll tax
Introduction to the Constitution
Ratifying the Constitution
Article VII
When does a term of Congress begin
January 3
Best known special session
State of the Union
Who heads the executive branch?
When Constitution was written who could vote?
White men with property
What branch has the power to impeach?
Name three groups to whom the Constitution extends voting rights?
African Americans (15), women (19), and eighteen year olds (26)