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The executive power of the Untited States is held by whom?
The President
The Term of office for the President is?
4 years
The President is elected by?
The number of electors a states has is equal to what?
The number of senators and representatives the state has
California has how many electors?
California has 55 electors
How is vacancy filled for the presidency?
The Vice President would assume the office. He/She would then nominate a candidate for the vacant Vice President's postition. Senate must approve.
If there is no single majority of votes when the votes are counted in the electoral college, who elects the president?
The House of Representatives
What are the qualifications for President?
35 years old, a natural-born citizen, lived in the US for 14 years
The oath of office is usually administered by whom?
The Chief Justice of the Spreme Court
The President takes the oath of office on what is called his ______ day
Inaugeration Day
The date of the President usually takes the oath of office is?
January 20th
As _____ the President is a living symbolof our nation.
Head of state
As _____ the President is responsible for enforcing laws and running the Executive Branch.
Chief Executive
As _____ the president is in charge of the army, navy etc.
Commander in Chief
As _____ the president with the help of advisors establishes a foreign policy.
Chief Foreign Policy Maker
As _____ the president is the leader of his party.
Chief of Party
As _____ the president prepares the nation's budget.
Watchdog of the Economy
As ____ the president suggests legislation that would be good for the nation.
Chief Legislator
The number of elecotrs was eventually frozen at _____.
Washington DC was given how many electors? Now the total list is?
3, now the total electors is 538
How many electoral votes does a candidate need to win the presidency?
The presidents advisors are called?
the cabinet
Name the secretary of state.
Colin Powell
Name the attorney general.
John Ashcroft
What is it called when those convicted of federal crimes are excused?
What is it called when someone on death row is given more time for appeal?
What vote of the Senate is necessary to approve a treaty?
2/3 vote
Name 2 different appointments the president can make with a senate's approval.
Cabinet members, supreme court justices, ambassadors to foreign countries, director of fbi, director of CIA etc.
What vote in the Senate is necessary to approve a Supreme Court Justice?
simple majority of members present
The President's annual message is called...
The State of the Union
The President's annual message is given usually on what date?
January 20th
How can a president be removed from office?
by the impeachment process in the House, 2/3 vote in the Senate for conviction
Providing aide to the enemy is called...
List all of the specific duties or obligations of the President.
recommend legislation, call congress into special session, adjourn congress if they are in disagreement, serve as official host to foreign ambassadors, make sure all laws are enforced, and commisions all officers to the U.S.