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article 1
pertains to congress--eligibility, representation, election, lawmaking process, powers of, restrictions on state governtments
article 2
president-- electoral college, eligibility, duties of
article 3
supreme court and inferior courts, jurisdiction of
article 4
"full faith and credit clause", extradition, admission of states into the union, guarantee states republican form of government and protection against invasion and domestic violence
article 5
amendments proposed by 3/4 of house/senate or when 2/3 of states call for a convention and ratified by 3/4of state legislatures or conventions
article 6
supremacy clause--constitution laws and treaties are supreme law of the land
article 7
ratification of the constitution by conventions of at least nine states
amend 1
freedom of the press, speech, assembly, petition, religion; non establishment of religion
amend 2
right to keep and bear arms
amend 3
no quartering of soldiers in homes with out owner's consent
amend 4
protection against unreasonable search and seizure; search warrants
amend 5
grand jury indictment, double jeopardy protection, self incrimination protection; no denial of life liberty of property with out due process of law
amend 6
right to speedy and public trial by an impartial jury in criminal prosecutions, right to be informed of accusations, right to counsel
amend 7
right to jury trial in civil suits where value exceeds 20$
amend 8
no excessive bail or excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments
amend 9
rights retained by the people
amend 10
powers reserved to the states or to the people
amend 11
citizen of one state or foreign gov't cant sue another state gov't in federal court
amend 12
electoral college votes separately for president and vice president
amend 13
slavery abolished
amend 14
equal protection clause, priveliges and immunities clause, no state gov't can deny life, liberty, property with out due process of law
amend 15
vote regardless of race color and previous condition of servitude
amend 16
income tav
amend 17
direct popular election of US senators
amend 18
prohibition (no manufacture, sale, transportation of intoxicating liquors)
amend 19
women's vote
amend 20
lame duck amendment--ends terms of federal officials in january
amend 21
repeal of amend 18 (prohibition)
amend 22
limits presidents to two terms or a maximum of 10 years in office
amend 23
washington DC allowed to vote and receives 3 seats in electoral college
amend 24
eliminates poll taxes in federal elections
amend 25
presidential succession---in cases of death or disability of the presidnet provides that vice president succeeds to office of pres.
amend 26
voting rights extended to 18 yr olds
amend 27
no law increasing congressional salaries will take effect unitl after the election occurs