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What is the main idea of the legislative branch?
They make laws and make agreements between countries
What is the main idea of the executive branch?
They take care of the military and carry out laws
What is the main idea of the judicial branch?
To know if things are constitutional or not
Name three state powers
~Establish local govts
~Set up schools
~Regulate state commerce
~Make regulations for marriage
~Establish and regulate corporations
Name three national powers
~Maintain military
~declare war
~establish postal system
~set standards for weights and measures
~Protect copyrights and patents
Name three both national and state powers
~collect taxes
~establish courts
~regulate interstate commerce
~regulate banks
~Borrow money
~Provide for the general welfare
~Punich Criminals
What amendments were the bill of rights?
What amendments did slavery get abolished and which ones gave women the right to vote?
What are the requirements for candidates for the house of reps?
citizen for 7 years
at least 25 years old
serve for 2 years
How are reps apportioned?
1 for every 40000 inhabitants
What are the requirements of candidates for the senate?
6 year term
citizen for 9 years
at least 30 years old
Number of senators determined and length of term
2 per state
6 year term