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The opening statement of the Constitution which states the goals for the new government.
First Constitution
Articles of Confederation
How many sections does the Constitution have?
7 articles
What is the job of the Legislative Branch?
make and pass laws
What body makes the laws for the U.S.?
What is the upper house of Congress called?
How long is a term for a represantative in the House of Represantatives?
2 years
Qualifications to be a represantative.
-7 years a citizen
-lives in the state that elects hi,m or her
-25 years old
# of members in the House of Represantatives is based on?
the population
who is the Speaker of the house.
The person the represantatives elect.
impeach means
to accuse a federal official of wrongdoing
the power to impeach is gives only to
the house of Represantatives
How many Sanators does each state hav?
The length of a Sanator's term of office is?
6 years
who elects the represantaives and the sanators
electors of the state