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accusation that an officer should be removed from power
an attempt to delay action especially in a legislative assembly
Habeas Corpus
Document that allows someone under arrest to obtain an immediate examination in court to decide whether they are being legally held
Ex Post Facto
Laws that fixes punishment for crimes committed before the law was passed
to redestribute or divide. Not allowed for states
Appellate Jurisdiction
Cases from lower courts are appealed to the supreme court
An attempt to overthrow the government, or adhering or giving aid and comfort to the enemies
Judicial Review
A constitutional right of the court system to review and cancel government legislation that is held to have been passed illegally
Powers of Congress 1-6
Power of Congress 7
establish a postal service
Power of Congress 8
issue patents and copyrights
Powers of congress 11-15
Power of congress 16
makes laws for district of columbia and other federal areas
Power of congress 18
elastic clause
What is an attainder?
A law prohibiting trial
Requirements for office (rep)
25 years old, 7-year citizen
Requirements for office (sen)
30 years old, 9 year citizen
who may be president
natural born citizen, 35 years old, 14 year resident